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This Wine Pop-Up Maze Bar Is Made For Grape Times & Sips

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Wine night with your friends just got the best upgrade with a brand new interactive experience that's coming to New York City. Instead of your usual wine down, you and your squad can go on a wine-derful adventure through Apothic's pop-up maze bar that's set to open Mar. 12, 2020 in Chelsea (541 W. 25th Street).

You may be asking yourself, "What exactly is a pop-up maze bar?" Well, it's like if you combined a night out sipping your favorite wines with some seriously Instagram-worthy photo ops. If that sounds like a dream come true, round up your friends ASAP to make the game plan.

The pop-up is officially called Apothic Wine's Maze of Mischief, and from the name alone, you probably get the vibe of this unique experience. According to press materials from Apothic, the Maze of Mischief was designed to celebrate the launch of Apothic's new Cabernet Sauvignon. On your night of "mischief," you'll experience sampling opportunities as you journey from lounge to lounge in the labyrinth. In order to move from each one of the lounges, you'll need to use a cool skeleton key.

The goal is to reach the middle of the maze, where you'll have a chance to try the new Apothic Cabernet Sauvignon, which is supposed to be super smooth and delicious. While the goal may be to reach the center, it's not just about the destination, but the journey itself. You'll have fun visiting the different lounge areas in the maze, and along the way, there will be Instagram-worthy moments. Obviously, you know it wouldn't be a true pop-up experience without a little 'Gram action. So make sure you wear a cute outfit and have plenty of space on your phone for all the group selfies you and your friends will take.


When you finally do reach the main lounge, you need a celebratory group shot with all your friends. Perhaps you can get a cheers-ing action shot or Boomerang of you with your wine, or take a sippin' selfie. Either way, it's a perfect night to capture some great moments and memories with your friends.

If you're down to get lost in the Apothic Wine's Maze of Mischief, the pop-up officially opens to the public on Mar. 12, but will only be open that Thursday and Friday (Mar. 13). It does sound like the perfect Friday the 13th plan if you and your friends want to celebrate it in mischievous fashion. The experience is open 6-10 p.m. that Thursday, and 2-10 p.m. on Friday, so it'll also be great for a post-work happy hour with your coworkers. The best part of all is the event is free.

Not only will you get a fun night with your friends and some cute Insta pics to share, but you may just end up finding your new favorite wine.

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