According To A New Study, Better Sex Is Just One More Reason You Need To Take A Vacation

by Ginny Hogan
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Have you been itching to get away from your desk for ages? Are you already having fun imagining where your next trip will be — maybe a beach, or a ski slope, or your mom's couch (honestly, a break is a break). If you've been putting off planning your vacation, here's one more reason you need to do it — you might just have the best sex on vacation. According to, a third of Americans experience more intimacy on vacation. So pack your bag (or bags — if you travel with just one bag you are a literal hero) and get moving!

Vacations are a time to totally decompress, so it makes sense that you'd want to have more sex. Plus, you have way more free time (although I've had sex with a number of men who seemed to be optimizing for time, if you know what I mean). But the time to relax, as well as the physical benefits of relaxation, can lead to more and better sex. Just imagine yourself finally getting out of your cubicle and relaxing on the beach. Sure, it seems nice to have a mojito and kick back, but after a while, you're ready for something a little more... physical (and maybe the handsome pool boy has been flirting with you all day anyway).

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Better sex on vacation can happen for those who go on vacation alone or with a partner. According to the study, 7% of Americans travel alone, but that doesn't mean they stay alone. My friend recently took a solo backpacking trip to clear her head, but after three days, she was solo no longer. She returned with a slightly defogged brain and a boyfriend in tow. Honestly, before she told me the story, I had never even imagined backpacking — now I'm planning my trip. 79% of Americans travel with their family members, including spouses. Fortunately, so many destinations offer kid-friendly activities, so parents can still steal away for some intimacy. Whether alone or with a partner, maybe this summer's vacation will be the time for you to get some much-needed R&R (relations & raunchiness).

According to the study, the top vacation destinations are Orlando, New York City, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. I'm sure you can imagine the different types of sexytime in each of those locales — beach play in Orlando, after a Broadway musical in NYC, in a casino hotel in Vegas, and in Los Angeles — well, really anywhere (I live here, it's a sexy town). The point is that you're leaving your regular life and getting out of your comfort zone, so you might be willing to try things you wouldn't before, either because of time constraints or because you get stuck in a routine. Wherever you're going — if you're looking to have some intimacy this summer, a vacation could be the right move.

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It's tough to plan a vacation, and not everyone is in a position to do it every year. Depending on your job, you may have trouble getting time off work, or you might be tight on funds, or you might find the prospect of booking everything exhausting. And you don't have to take a vacation, but if you do, there might be one more thing to look forward to — better sex. So if you are in a position to travel and "explore", pack a swimsuit and protection!

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