How To Plan An Amazing Vacation With Your SO, According To Pro Travel Couples

At any given moment, you can probably find me planning or dreaming about my next big travel adventure. I’m obsessed with new experiences, and I’ve definitely learned a thing or two over the years about putting together a foolproof vacation agenda… without breaking the bank, because your girl sadly isn’t rollin' in unlimited funds (I wish!). One milestone I have yet to check off the list, but would love to someday, is traveling with a significant other. As for how to plan a vacation with your boyfriend or girlfriend, I’m as much of a beginner as anyone, but I brought in the professionals to help me figure this one out. And let me tell you — they did not disappoint.

Lucky for us amateur travelers, there are real people out there who travel with their bae as a full-time job. These influencers have built their brands off jet-setting for a living, so they’ve learned to perfect the art of planning a dream vacation that they, their partner, and their followers will all love. I spoke to some of my favorite Instagram travel couples to get their best tips for planning a vacay with your partner, and now they’ve got me feeling seriously inspired to break out my passport again. Anyone want to book a flight with me?

Consider Both Of Your Needs
Courtesy of Marie Fe & Jake Snow

There are two of you involved in this vacation, and odds are, you have different priorities about what you’d like to spend time doing. Instagrammers Marie Fe and Jake Snow understand this — their interests couldn’t be more varied. “Jake loves adventure, backpacking, exploring the unknown, and doing extreme sports, and Marie is more into relaxation, wellness, and days at the beach,” they tell Elite Daily. “We need to consider both of our needs and wants and plan for a healthy mix of both.”

You’ll want to pick a destination that allows both of you the chance to do what you enjoy. Look for places that offer a good mix of activities you both love, or decide on a compromise to ensure you'll both be happy. You can even alternate days you do certain activities — maybe a hiking adventure one day and a relaxing spa day the next.

Put Together An Itinerary — And Plan Ahead
Courtesy of Sebastian & Espe Gomez

If you’re ballin’ on a budget, the best thing you can do is research, research, research. Sebastian and Espe Gomez, the stylish couple known as @TwoTrends on IG, are always diligent about choosing destinations in advance. “We look at budgets and plan out the trip in the best season, and book ahead to save money,” they note. When you travel at off-peak times (usually winter rather than summer), you can often get flights for almost half the price of what they would be during busy season. Shop around (Google Flights and Kayak are great places to compare flight prices) and see what your best deal is. “We love to use travel sites and compare them,” the Gomezes say. The earlier you can start to think about doing this (at least six months out if you’re traveling internationally, three months for domestic), the better!

Jet Lag Is Real, So Be Prepared For It
Courtesy of Collette & Scott Stohler

There’s nothing that gets a vacation off on the wrong foot like being cranky from lack of sleep. Collette and Scott Stohler of @Roamaroo know this all too well — they’re almost always on the go! “We’ve learned that both of us can be a bit cantankerous when adjusting to a new time zone,” they observe. The quicker you and bae can get on the same sleep schedule, the better. “We have a collective game plan of when to sleep on the plane, when we should drink coffee, and we make sure to get a workout in on the first day of our trip,” the Stohlers note. When you feel rested and ready to go, you’re much more likely to enjoy each other’s company.

Leave Room For Spontaneity
Courtesy of Collette & Scott Stohler

While it’s important to book travel and accommodations ahead to save money, make sure to leave room open to have some unexpected fun. “We used to plan all of our trips down to every moment of everyday, but we learned that the true beauty of travel involves spontaneity and going with the flow,” the Stohlers say. “Now, we plan the important things such as flights and accommodations, but we leave time open for spur-of-the-moment experiences. Travel was made for rules to be broken — if we wanted a typical routine, we’d simply stay home.”

Sometimes the best moments come from experiences you couldn’t have predicted by looking online. Show up to your destination and ask around about favorite local spots. Often, your hotel or Airbnb host will have recommendations about activities in the area, and if you meet other travelers, you might even decide to hang out as a group. Whatever you choose, you'll be glad you budgeted some time out to try new things.

Preserve Your Memories — Both On-Camera And Off
Courtesy of Marie Fe & Jake Snow

Hopefully, you’ll come back from this trip with amazing memories you want to share with friends and family. If you’re the type of couple that loves taking pictures, go for it! But also remember to put down your tech and enjoy the moment you’re in. “Remember to keep a healthy balance between making beautiful memories and capturing beautiful memories,” Fe and Snow recommend. “Your mind will capture whatever your camera doesn’t.” Before they got into photography, the Stohlers used to keep personal diaries while they traveled — a great option for anyone who’s not as into the photo game. Regardless, make the most of every moment, because you’ll have these memories together for years to come.

I don’t know about you, but I’m officially ready to pack my bags. These dreamy couples and their colorful lives are inspiring some serious wanderlust! Keep these tricks in mind if you and your partner decide you want to take a trip together. With a little planning and a go-with-the-flow attitude, you’re bound to have a magical time.