Amanda Gorman's Latest Cover Outfit Beautifully Calls Back To Her Inauguration Look

Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As if one vibrant moment wasn't enough, Amanda Gorman's TIME cover outfit truly gave me second life. In an issue titled "The Black Renaissance," the 22-year-old poet was as refined and sublime in her puffy-sleeved gown as ever. However, this outfit was more than just a pretty dress. It also referenced her historic appearance at President Joe Biden's inauguration. Designed by ready-to-wear brand Greta Constantine, Gorman's gown was the same canary yellow color as her Prada coat that first stole my breath on Jan. 20.

At the 2021 Inauguration, Gorman took on a more stately look. Her iconic coat was styled with a button-down, cigarette pants, and an unforgettable padded headband to create a vivid, sophisticated look. But now, on TIME's February 2021 cover, her signature color has taken on a new life. “I wanted to extricate her from the political dimension and immerse it in a more cosmic atmosphere to add to the weight of her words," conceptual artist Awol Erizku, who photographed Gorman for the cover, said. With Gorman's flowing dress in front the black background, there's something undeniably ethereal about both the image and the poet.

Her other photo from the issue only contributes to this otherworldly, regal aesthetic. In a high-neck, fuchsia gown, also by Greta Constantine, Gorman stands before a starry background. She delicately holds a bird cage as a nod to Maya Angelou and the ring Oprah gifted her for the inauguration.

Although, she's only been a national household name for a few weeks, Gorman has already taken the world by storm. Three of her books, two of which aren't even out yet, have become instant bestsellers. The Youth Poet Laureate is also slotted to recite a poem during the 2021 Super Bowl pre-show. And, modeling agency IMG signed her as its newest face. It sounds like a lot, but Gorman is taking it all in stride.

"I’m learning that I am not lightning that strikes once," she told Michelle Obama in their conversation for TIME. "I am the hurricane that comes every single year, and you can expect to see me again soon."