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This List Of All Of Meghan & Harry's New Jobs After Quitting Royalty Is Long AF

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are staying busy after quitting royal life. It was on Feb. 19 the couple decided to cut ties with the royal family completely and become financially independent, but they've since been inking exciting new gigs left and right. With new charitable endeavors, passion projects, and business deals, all of Meghan and Harry's new jobs after quitting royalty are so impressive.

Harry and Meghan both already had very impressive resumes as individuals. Meghan was an accomplished actress before she married into the royal family, and the Prince had taken on many high profile roles in his capacity as a working royal. But post-royal life, their careers are truly blossoming after their move to California. They've had more time to develop to focus on making positive change, from developing their dream charitable organization to signing on for positions at several companies (even corporate ones) that aim to better the world.

1. Harry Joined the Aspen Institute's New Commission on Information Disorder as a Commissioner

At his new gig, Harry will study the state of misinformation and disinformation in America. "As I've said, the experience of today's digital world has us inundated with an avalanche of misinformation, affecting our ability as individuals as well as societies to think clearly and truly understand the world we live in," the Duke of Sussex said in a statement about his new role. “It’s my belief that this is a humanitarian issue — and as such, it demands a multi-stakeholder response from advocacy voices, members of the media, academic researchers, and both government and civil society leaders. I’m eager to join this new Aspen commission and look forward to working on a solution-oriented approach to the information disorder crisis.”

2. Harry Joined Silicon Valley Startup BetterUp as Cheif Impact Officer

BetterUp prides themselves on "personalized coaching, content, and care designed to transform lives and careers." In this new venture into the corporate world, Harry will play a key role on BetterUp's leadership team.

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As for what his role entails, the company's co-CEO, Alexi Robichaux, explained it in detail. "We came [up with] the title together. We were organically having these conversations how the mission of BetterUp is bigger than BetterUp. He's been doing this work in his own life for years. We can change the global dialogue to not think of mental health as the absence of mental illness, but to think about mental health as performance and realizing your potential," Robichaux told CNN. " That is a huge global impact that BetterUp can be part of. He can keep us accountable and also accelerate that by expanding our global community, reach, and influencing everything from our product experience to helping partner with companies and organizations globally to expand our impact around the world."

3. Harry & Meghan Co-Founded Their Charitable Organization, Archewell

Meghan and Harry have long been working together to launch Archewell, a charity organization named in honor of their first child Archie. They revealed in April 2020 that their first plan of action would be to combat the Coronavirus. They also explained why the org is so meaningful to them.

"We connected to this concept for the charitable organization we hoped to build one day, and it became the inspiration for our son’s name. To do something of meaning, to do something that matters," they said in a statement.

Through Archewell, the couple has launched several media partnerships. They are working with Spotify on a podcast deal, as well as with Netflix, where they will be producing documentaries, docuseries, scripted shows, feature films, and children's programming.

4. Meghan & Harry Are Professional Speakers

The couple also signed with Harry Walker Agency to do speaking engagements about important issues. The pair will attend moderated discussions where they will touch upon racial justice, gender equity, environmental concerns, and mental health.

With so much on their plates, fans may be wondering what the couple will do next. What's clear is they're certainly not shying away from new opportunities, and fans are cheering them on every step of the way.