Harry & Meghan Are Launching A Podcast, So 2020 No Longer Sucks

by Candice Jalili
Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

I come bearing a piece of news that will singlehandedly save the colossal dumpster fire that was the year 2020: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are launching a podcast. Per Deadline, the pair's company Archewell Audio has struck an exclusive deal with Spotify that commits them to producing audio content throughout a multi-year partnership.

"What we love about podcasting is that it reminds all of us to take a moment and to really listen, to connect to one another without distraction," Meghan and Harry shared in a statement to multiple outlets, including Cosmopolitan and Deadline, on Dec. 15. "With the challenges of 2020, there has never been a more important time to do so, because when we hear each other, and hear each other’s stories, we are reminded of how interconnected we all are."

Spotify Chief Content and Advertising Business Officer, Dawn Ostroff, also shared her excitement with a statement of her own. “The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may live in California but the power of their voices rests in their status as citizens of the world. That they are embracing the extraordinary capacity of podcasts on Spotify while also seeking to elevate underrepresented voices is a testament to their appreciation for the potential of audio storytelling,” she said. “We are proud to partner with The Duke and Duchess and look forward to listeners hearing directly from them and the other creators that they will be elevating via our global platform.”

First up on their podcast will be a holiday special. They ask that listeners follow Archewell Audio on Spotify for updates on when that's coming out, so stay tuned on that. And if you truly cannot wait for this holiday special to be released at a date TBD, don't worry. There's a two-minute-seven-second long trailer available on Spotify and I promise it will get you extremely pumped for what's to come.

Check it out for yourself here:

Like, did you catch those flirty undertones?! I'm freaking out.