Alison Brie Explains Why 'GLOW' Season 3 Was The Most "Dangerous" One Yet

Jason Kim/Netflix

On a show like GLOW, pushing yourself to the limits basically comes with the territory. The Netflix series, which is coming back for a third season on August 9, is loosely based on the real-life Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling from the 1980s. It follows the lives of a group of amateur female wrestlers as they climb the ranks of fame. While parts of the story is fictionalized, the stars of the series don't shy away from the physically demanding style of wrestling the show entails. Each season has brought the characters to new extremes both in the wrestling ring and out of it, but star Alison Brie explains why GLOW Season 3 was the most "dangerous" one yet.

Season 3 sees the ladies of GLOW taking their show on the road from their local TV show in Los Angeles to a Las Vegas stage show, and according to Brie, this upcoming season really absorbed the vibe of Sin City.

"I think a lot of the characters are playing with other sides of themselves in Las Vegas as a lot of people do in life," Brie explains to Elite Daily. "It’s sort of a departure from reality to go to Vegas. That’s what Vegas is, it’s a fantasy."

Instead of living out of motels on the outskirts of Los Angeles as they did in the first two seasons, Brie's character Ruth and the rest of the wrestlers spend Season 3 in a hotel casino. It's the first time audiences will see them enjoying the fruits of their labors and living it up in a "luxe" Vegas lifestyle.

"The scale of everything is bigger, because it’s Las Vegas," Brie says. "The stakes have never been higher. I think that people are trying out some riskier things. People are taking bigger risks and this season feels a little dangerous."

The stakes didn't only get higher in the story. They grew behind the scenes as well. As the actors have learned more wrestling moves, they've become more similar to their real-life wrestling pro counterparts.

"It’s been really exciting to see that, like in Season 2 we really remembered everything we learned in Season 1 and could build on that. And by Season 3 it felt like a breeze to do all the old moves," Brie says. "And then we got to learn some really fun, bigger, new moves."

Those new wrestling moves have come with their own set of challenges. Wrestling is a totally different form of exercise from what the average person does at the gym on a daily basis. Learning wrestling was an adjustment for Brie.

"We’d get into big body slams and bigger jumps and things like that and it really was a different type of physical activity unlike anything I’ve done," Brie describes. "I upped my strength training so much with my personal trainer to lift heavier weights, to build bigger muscles, and to build strength and agility, but also to protect myself because you’re more resilient when you have more muscle mass on your body."

Another tool Brie uses to help with her body's training recovery is CBD.

"I was dealing with muscle soreness in a new way for the past few years," Brie says. "I feel like CBD oil is great because it does help with muscle recover and soreness and it also sort of calms your mind and is helpful with anxiety and stress and things like that as well."

Brie has teamed up with Manitoba Harvest to launch their new line of broad spectrum hemp extract products. Brie has been a fan of their hemp products for a while, so it made perfect sense for her to partner with them to launch their CBD oil.

"Oil seems to be a more effective way to get it [CBD] into your system and for me I like that it’s a trusted brand, Manitoba Harvest, that I know and love," Brie explains.

Those CBD products have helped Brie bring GLOW Season 3 to life. The ladies' Vegas stage show gives them a chance to show off some more intense wrestling moves.

Brie explains, "Our characters are doing the same wrestling show every night. So in the course that you’re watching on Netflix, you’re not gonna see as much wrestling. But when you do see wrestling it packs a bigger punch."

Season 3 of GLOW drops on Netflix on August 9.