A-Rod Awkwardly Texted J. Lo From The Bathroom On Their First Date & It Was Cute AF

by Candice Jalili
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I, a self-proclaimed "normal" person, do plenty of awkward things. ESPECIALLY when it comes to the realm of dating. The first time I tried to bring up the topic of being exclusive to my now-boyfriend, I puked. Yes, that's right. I started to speak and, before I could get the second word out, I had to run to the bathroom to vomit. It was awkward to say the least. But, apparently, even celebrities have embarrassing slip-ups like mine. OK, maybe theirs aren't quite as mortifying as mine, but Alex Rodriguez awkwardly texted Jennifer Lopez from the bathroom on their first date and I'm pretty sure that's gotta fall somewhere on the same embarrassing spectrum.

Lopez came clean about the story when she was recently on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. DeGeneres asked Lopez about their first date and she spilled with the exciting (and, TBH, surprisingly normal) deets.

Apparently, J. Lo and her bAe-Rod (hah, see what I did there?) agree to disagree on when their first date officially became a date. To Lopez, it was a date from the start. "He goes let's go out to dinner and I go 'OK,'" she told DeGeneres. "I think that's a date."

Rodriguez, on the other hand, wasn't quite sure that this was, in fact, a date. "After we have this date, he goes 'I didn't know if it was a date, I didn't know if you were seeing someone or whatever,'" Lopez recalled for DeGeneres. "I said 'I wouldn't have went out with you if I was seeing somebody else.'" Fair point, J. Lo. Fair point.

So, for the most part, this awkward dinner was spent with A-Rod asking J. Lo about someone she casually refers to as "Benny." I'm going to go ahead and assume she's talking about her controversial manager, Benny Medina. But Lopez was having none of it. She lamented to DeGeneres, "I was like, 'If you wanted to know about Benny, you could've just asked Benny!'" I hear ya, sister.

But at one point, the dynamic of the... let's call it an "encounter"... changed.

"We were having this 'not date,' according to him, and we're eating dinner, getting to know each other and then he leaves and goes to the bathroom for a second," Lopez dished to DeGeneres. "And I'm just sitting there, you know, kind of just waiting on my phone or whatever." In fact, she elaborated that she was doing the most relatable thing ever and texting her friend who knew Rodriguez, "Guess who I'm with! Alex!"

And this is where things get good.

She texts her friend and notices him walking back towards the table. "I see him coming and my phone beeps, I think it's my girlfriend and I look down and he goes, 'You look sexy AF.'"

Yep, that's right, people. A-Rod had to go to the bathroom to text her that she looks hot because he was too shy to say it IRL. And J. Lo thought it was adorable. "I had a turtleneck on and baggy pants so I thought it was really cute," she gushed to DeGeneres.

"He thought it was a date at that point," DeGeneres pointed out. "He wouldn't have said that in a business meeting." Um, LET'S HOPE HE'S NOT SAYING THOSE THINGS IN BUSINESS MEETINGS.

But, yeah, that one text catapulted them from awkward maybe date straight into A-list coupledom.

So, next time you do something weird on a date just remember, if it worked for A-Rod, it can work for you!

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