You Can Score This Chocolate Wine All Year Long, So You Can Sip Long After Valentine's Day

Courtesy of Aldi

You guys, Aldi has a wine made from chocolate, and I'm pretty sure my life is now complete. To be completely transparent, I've never met a wine I didn't like. OK, well maybe Moscato. That one isn't my favorite. But Aldi’s Petit Chocolat Wine Specialty is really something special, y'all. Feb. 14 is just around the corner and nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a bottle of chocolate wine. However you're spending the love-filled holiday, it never hurts to have a bottle of Aldi’s Petit Chocolat Wine Specialty on hand.

Aldi’s Petit Chocolat Wine Specialty is currently available for purchase at Aldi stores in the U.S. The sweet drink is on store shelves in time for Valentine's Day and will be available all year long, according to the company. Truth be told, this wine sounds pretty fancy to me. That immediately makes me think it is going to be a little more than I'm used to forking over. To my surprise, that's not the case at all. Aldi is selling bottles of the Petit Chocolate Wine Specialty for the very affordable price of $6.99 each. That leaves you with plenty of leftover cash to stock up on this heart-shaped cheese and other delicious Valentine's Day goodies from Aldi, too.

Courtesy of Aldi

Anytime someone mentions the words "chocolate" and "wine," I'm immediately intrigued. Aldi's Petit Chocolat Wine Specialty delivers on both of those things. Curious as to what it tastes like? I haven't tried this one for myself just yet, but based on the product description I'm going to love it. The base of the beverage is red wine. It's blended with dark chocolate flavors and finest cream for a rich and velvety sip, according to Aldi. I know red wine doesn't typically go in the refrigerated, but Aldi recommends chilling the Petit Choclat Wine Specialty before serving.

Before you go, you can check to see if your local Aldi has bottles of the Petit Chocolat Wine Specialty for sale by visiting the store locator page. The wine should be in stock at Aldi locations nationwide that sell wine. (You should see the filter feature for wine when you're on the store locator page.)

Plus, you never know who you may meet during your shopping trip to Aldi. If you're using dating apps, apparently you might want to try your luck in the aisles of Aldi. According to a survey conducted by the grocer, the produce section and the wine and beverage sections are the most popular places to meet someone at the grocery store. You'll know you've found your soulmate when you both go to reach for a bottle of Aldi’s Petit Chocolat Wine Specialty at the same time. You can thank Aldi for that one later.

While you're going all out, you can also check out Aldi's heart-shaped cheese for Valentine's Day. They arrived in stores on Jan. 30 for a limited time. Nothing says "I love you" quite like a bottle of Aldi's Petit Chocolat Wine Specialty paired with a festively-shaped cheese.