Aldi Is Selling This Whiskey-Infused Cheese For St. Patty's Day Snacking

Courtesy of Aldi

St. Patty's Day is on its way, which means you're probably scheduling your holiday festivities. Instead of aiming for a night at the local Irish pub, why don't you plan an Aldi trip? Believe it or not, Aldi's new cheeses for St. Patrick's Day 2019 will be available soon, and they'll bring your March 17 celebrations to a whole new level. Why is that, you ask? Well, it's because some of the cheeses in Aldi's new collection are infused with alcohol. Cheers to cheese, my friends. Cheers. To. Cheese.

Before you run to Aldi in pursuit of the boozy new cheese selections, you'll have to keep one thing in mind: The St. Patrick's Day cheeses won't actually be on sale until Feb. 27, per Aldi. That gives you the perfect amount of time to make room in your refrigerator for the alcohol-infused options. In case you're wondering (which, c'mon, you probably are), the booze-inspired cheeses include both Irish Cheddar with Whiskey and Irish Cheddar with Beer. They're both part of Aldi's Happy Farms Preferred Irish Cheese Truckle Assortment, which also includes the classic Aged Irish Cheddar. As someone who loves cheddar cheese, whiskey, and beer, I'm beyond excited to give these goodies a try.

Below, you can feast your eyes on photos of both alcohol-infused cheddar selections:

Courtesy of Aldi
Courtesy of Aldi

In case those pictures don't already have your mouth watering, let me discuss a few details about each option. According to the its packaging, the Irish Cheddar with Whiskey is an aged cheddar cheese with a "rich, full flavor" (YUM). The Irish Cheddar with Beer, on the other hand, is an aged cheddar with "the nutty taste of Irish Beer." (DOUBLE YUM.)

Believe it or not, alcohol-infused cheese isn't where Aldi stopped. The company will also be releasing actual green-colored cheese in honor of the upcoming holiday. Sure, green cheese might not seem like the most, well, "appetizing" option — but once you read more about the each cheese's flavors, you'll probably change your mind.

There are two upcoming green cheeses, to be exact. They include Happy Farms Preferred Pesto Gouda and Happy Farms English Sage Derby. (No, they aren't alcohol-infused, but they seem just as delicious.)

Before I get talk about their flavors, take a look at both cheeses below:

Courtesy of Aldi
Courtesy of Aldi

Let's start with the Pesto Gouda. Based off of its packaging, the St. Patty's Day delicacy features basil and garlic flavors. The Sage Derby option, on the other hand, is described as a "mild cheese with sage." Between those ingredients and each cheese's green appearances, they're perfect for any St. Patrick's Day spread.

As you can see, Aldi is really stepping its cheese game up. Come to think of it, this isn't even the company's first unique cheese release within the past few weeks. In early February, Aldi released '80s music-themed selections, such as "Pour Some Gouda On Me" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fontina." These cheeses were part of the Happy Farms brand (which also created the St. Patrick's Day cheeses that I discussed).

Sure, the music-inspired selections weren't boozy, but they were still a ton of fun. If you're hoping to add some booze your cheese bites (rather than '80s tunes), visit Aldi when the alcohol-infused assortment is available in late February.