These Adidas Sneakers Are The Cutest Way To Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve — Er, Feet


When it comes to heart-emblazoned fashion products, I'm a total sucker and want them all to "be mine." (Cheesy, but we're nearing the day of love so, shrug, it's appropriate.) Naturally, I've fallen head over heels for Adidas' Valentine's Day sneakers, which are an especially cute take on the brand's classic Stan Smith style and will light a fire in the hearts of even the most devout Nike fans. Yes, they really are that good. If you've been trying to figure out what to get your partner on February 14th instead of that tired bouquet of red roses or if you want to treat yourself, these sneakers are the coolest way to say I <3 you.

Set to drop on this Friday, February 1, at, the sneakers are the perfect combination of sleek minimalism and cheeky cuteness (a match made in heaven). The base is made of full grain leather, giving it an especially luxe feel, while Adidas' signature three-stripe side logo takes on an even more lovable appearance; a red cutout heart holds court on the outside of each shoe and three white slashes run through it. The classic Stan Smith logo in appears on the tongue of each shoe for an extra pop of red and seeing as the shoes are set to retail at $100 a pair, they are more than worth falling for.

If you're looking for something with a bit more color or you're simply not an Adidas person (an admittance to which I give you an uneasy eye scrunch), you're in luck. A handful of other equally rad heart stamped sneakers are out there to satisfy any craving, no matter how edgy or sweet. Take a look at some of the best picks below and get ready to walk with an extra giddy pep in your step.

Silver Linings

This is another way to take the classic white sneaker and infuse it with some subtle charm. An oversized silver heart and matching heel detail come together to add some shiny design appeal but thanks to their relatively neutral metallic hue, the shoes can still be worn with just about anything.

Words of Wisdom

These Chucks aren't just insanely cool, but they also literally spread the message of love. Along their sole reads, "Keep Loving, Keep Fighting," and I'm pretty sure they mean keep fighting for the good stuff. Pair those words with a tiny heart detail and faux leather upper and you've got yourself the raddest Converse around.

Electric Love

See, I told you there would be a more colorful option! Because what could be better than one red heart except a whole fleet of rainbow ones?

Eye Love You

And of course, there's the Comme des Garcons Chucks. If classic cool is what you're after, these are for you.

Extra, Extra

If you're not subtle in the way you crush or dress, consider these 100 percent over-the-top sneakers. They're by blogger Chiara Ferragni who just got married in the most outrageous ceremony ever and clearly knows a thing or two about bold love!