Adam Rippon Responded To Sally Field Playing Wingman For Her Son & It's Everything

Marianna Massey/Jenny Anderson/Getty Images

Adam Rippon is going to have an amazing career whether he goes back to the Olympics in 2022 or not. The figure skater is the undoubted star of the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics thanks to his hilarious tweets/interviews and inspiring message to onlookers as the first openly gay Winter Olympian. Just about everyone wants Adam Rippon in their lives somehow, Sally Field included. On Friday, Feb. 16, Sally Field tried to set her son up with Rippon via Twitter, and it was hilarious. Rippon had been silent about the move until now, and Adam Rippon's response to Sally Field playing wingman is classic Adam Rippon. (I love that he's been so popular during the Olympics that we already can say "classic Adam Rippon," as if we known him for decades. What a man.)

On Feb. 16, Sam Greisman (Field's son) tweeted a screenshot of a text conversation with his mom about Adam Rippon. His original text is cropped out a bit in the photo, but Field's response was so hilarious. She said, "Sam... he's insanely pretty. Find a way.." LOL, moms, am I right? Greisman tweeted the screenshot along with the caption, "Just some really helpful advice from my mom on how to deal with my Olympic crush." Greisman never revealed who the crush was, though, so he was clearly trying to save himself some embarrassment. But Sally Field don't give a f*ck! She quoted the tweet and just tagged Adam Rippon's Twitter handle!! The woman is a goddamn legend.

All Greisman said back to his mom's mega awkward/absolutely amazing tweet was, "Yikes." And honestly, fair. That's the exact thought that runs through my mind whenever my mom says something in front of a guy I like. It's why I don't bring 'em around anymore... (Sorry, Linda. Love you, girl. But you know why I do this.) Rippon was speaking to BuzzFeed on Feb. 19 when he was asked how he felt about Sally Field's tweet. Field had previously told BuzzFeed her son was "mortified" about what she tweeted, saying, "Sam was mortified. I have to bud out now.. but I would like to see Adam in the family." But the world needed Rippon's reaction. Was this the beginning of an epic love story brought to us by Twitter?! Or is he already taken?!

Well, first of all, Rippon's initial response was to scream (honestly, same) and then cry out, "Sally!" (Again, same.) Then he said, "She bold," and where is the lie? He then spoke directly to the camera/Sam Greisman and said, "Sam, your mom — I admire her. I'm sure one day we're going to meet! So thanks, mom." I die. I love everything about this story so much. BuzzFeed hasn't posted a video of the exchange just yet, but it seems like one could be on the way.

Whether or not Adam Rippon and Sam Greisman meet is up to fate, I guess. And by fate, I one million percent mean Sally Field.

Unfortunately for Greisman, Rippon recently revealed he has his eyes on Harry Styles. (Again, SAME.) When asked if he has a celebrity crush, Rippon told Us Weekly that he thinks Harry Styles is cute as hell. “So I didn’t realize that he was cute until One Direction broke up," he said. "But now that Harry Styles is, you know, living that solo singer career, yeah, I’m into it." He made note that he hasn't met him yet, but said, "Maybe I will!” Rippon also talked to People about his celebrity crush, taking the opportunity to send a message directly to Styles saying, "Listen, Harry, I'm sorry I didn't notice earlier, but I notice now. And that's what matters."

Harry Styles fans are basically telling him to back off now because of course. (It's all funny, don't worry. Adam Rippon is safe from the Directioners.)

So TBD on whether or not Sally Field is really going to "bud out" of this. If this were my son I was trying set up with Adam Rippon, you best believe I'd be sliding into Rippon's DMs every. Damn. Day. I have no doubt Field is willing to do the same.