Is Your Venus In Scorpio? Why These Lovers Are As Intense As They Come

by Rosey Baker
Stocksy/ Daring Wanderer

If a relationship with you is a yoga class, then a relationship with a Scorpio is a three-hour CrossFit workout. They are intense; they put their blood, sweat, tears (and maybe their vomit) into every relationship with the people they love. But you don't have to actually be a Scorpio to be as intense as one when it comes to love. In fact, Venus in Scorpio men and women struggle with the same issues as many sun-sign Scorpios do. Power struggles, jealousy, and a desire to control their loved ones can cause them inner turmoil, and their desire to appear cool-as-a-cucumber at all times makes it difficult for them to even put their feelings out there.

You're probably familiar with comparing your sun signs to find out if you're compatible with someone else. In fact, if you really want a close look at what people desire in relationships, you should be comparing your Venus signs. You can look up your Venus sign easily if you know the accurate time of your birth using this calculator. If you or your partner has their venus in Scorpio, it might not surprise you to learn that you or your S.O. might be just a little more intense in relationships than other people. Here are the characteristics of anyone with their venus sign in Scorpio.

Mysterious Charm

There is something very deep, intense and magnetic about those with their venus in Scorpio. They may not even be aware of this, but there's something about them that makes their private life somewhat difficult to imagine, and therefore, sparks a lot of curiosity. Venus in Scorpio have a quiet intensity, and a secretive lifestyle that draws the eyes of people toward them and brings out the curiosity of everyone in the room. They draw people in like a living question, begging to be answered. So let's hope you're ready for the answer.

Total Merging

Good luck getting into a casual relationship with a Venus in Scorpio person. They don't do it. They can barely get away with having a f*ck-buddy without making their buddy person feel like a prostitute. It's simply in their nature to do things in an all-or-nothing way. Because of this, they have a hard time, intimately speaking, with keeping things casual. Scorpio governs the eighth house of transformation, of sex, death, and total merging. This includes merging of resources, and of, well, bodies. It's not that they can't enjoy casual sex, but they can't tolerate any pretense around it. If they don't have an interest in a relationship with you, you can forget about a friendly brunch together after a night at their house.

Psychological Testing

In order for Venus in Scorpio to decide they do want to be with you, they need to know you're trustworthy. Because of their private lifestyle, they need to believe that you won't sell them out to just anyone. They like to keep the details of their private lives to themselves, and want to know that you won't expose them or their sensitivity to anyone they haven't already deemed safe. They'll conduct a good amount of their own research, asking you questions about yourself, gathering information on you, etc. It's like dating a CIA agent.

If they decide you can be trusted, then you will be the person they tell everything to, which is the highest compliment a Venus in Scorpio can pay someone.


It's known for a fact that Scorpios can be a jealous bunch, and people with their Venus in this sign are no different. Just because they trust you doesn't mean they're willing to trust anyone around you. When they love, they do so with their entire soul, they honestly want to crawl inside your body and wear your skin, OK?

So just know that if you're going to be with someone of this sign, they are going to have trouble with issues of control, and they may attempt to get into your head with tactics of emotional manipulation. Their revenge will be of a passive variety, to the point that you won't even be sure they're trying to get back at you. But god forbid you don't notice, because that'll hurt them even more.

In order to make a relationship with a Venus in Scorpio person work, you'll need to encourage them to share not just their good feelings, but ALL of their feelings with you. Once they see that it's safe for them to feel insecure without losing their power, a relationship with someone with this placement can last lifetimes.