10 Thank Yous You Owe The Friend Who Keeps Your Secrets, Because They're One In A Million

Of the millions of reasons why you love your best friend, the fact that they're the one person who can always count on to keep your secrets, is at the top. You feel totally comfortable telling them anything and everything. As soon as you have a new crush, they already know the scoop. Every hilariously embarrassing story is something you confess solely to them. You trust your bestie more than anyone you know, and a true friend keeps your secrets always and forever.

You know that whatever you tell each other in your best friend convos is locked away for good. It's basically held in a highly guarded vault. Since your BFF is so special, they deserve all the thank yous in the world. Obviously, you're forever grateful, and even though it is implied with your undying love, you should really take the time to thank them for these 10 specific things.

You might want to post a cute selfie of the two of you together showing them just how much you care, or grab their go-to Starbucks order and surprise them with it. It's the little things that show them how eternally grateful you are to have someone you trust with your whole heart.

For Never Letting It Slip Who You Have A Crush On
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From your middle school days up to now, you have told your BFF about every single crush. You feel totally comfortable just letting it out, because you know they would never judge you or spill the details to anyone. Even if they know who you're crushing on personally, you can trust that their lips are sealed.

For Laughing With You When You Tell Them Your Embarrassing Stories
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Sometimes, you just have to tell someone else about your embarrassing fall or epic baking failure. You need to laugh it off, and luckily, that's where your bestie comes in. They always help you laugh it off, and turn your embarrassing moment into a very funny story to tell.

For Never Judging You
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The reason why you feel so comfortable telling your bestie everything is that you know that they would never judge you, no matter what you're talking about. There's a no judgment zone when it comes to your bond.

For Letting You Vent When You're Having A Bad Day
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When you're having a bad day, you just need your best friend to vent to. They will happily be that ear you need, and whatever you tell them stays between you two. Your bestie will even give you the best advice to turn everything around, and make it all better.

For Giving You A Look That Says A Million Things
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Since you're so close, you can basically read each other's minds. This comes in handy — especially with your secrets. If someone you've talked about before comes up in a conversation, you can give each other just one look of acknowledgement that says literally everything.

For Being The One Person You Can Always Go To For Help
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Since you share everything with your best friend, they are the one person you can turn to for help in certain situations. If you need advice on how to deal with a clingy roommate, they'll give you great advice. They will also help you craft the perfect text to send to your crush.

For Being Both Your Wing-Person And Fairy Godmother
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Since your BFF is the only person in the world you trust to know who you're crushing on, they officially become your go-to wing-person. They'll attend every party with you, in hopes that you run into your future bae or the person you're crushing on. They even talk you up in conversations without giving away that you like that particular person. Seriously though, aren't they the best?

For Never Using Your Biggest Fear Against You

Your best friend knows your biggest fears. They would never dream of using that info against you. You could be scared to death of snakes, and you're forever grateful that they never played a joke on you with fake ones.

For Not Ratting You Out To The Squad When You Skip Out On Friday Night Plans
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There have been times when you'd much rather stay home than go out on a Friday night. It happens. You might have told everyone else that you had food poisoning, but your BFF knew the real truth. Luckily, they would never in a million years rat you out.

For Loving Your Hobbies And Passions

The reason why you and your bestie work so well together is that you bond over some of the same hobbies and passions. Actually, a perfect night in for the two of you might be watching cheesy rom-coms while dancing around to boy band music and rocking face masks.