If You Feel Weird Asking Your Best Friend These 11 Things, Is She Really Your Bestie?

A best friendship is truly a one-of-a-kind relationship. You're so much more than friends — you're basically family and soulmates all rolled into one. Your bestie is the PB to your J, and you're linked on another level that makes you feel super comfortable with each other. Needless to say, there are some things you shouldn't feel weird about in a friendship. These are the things you'd likely hesitate before asking or telling anyone else, but they just come so naturally when it comes to your bestie.

You can tell each other your most embarrassing stories and honest opinions without fear of being judged. That's the power of a best friendship. You'd even ask each other these 11 questions without wondering if any of them are TMI, because there is no such thing as too much info between you two. There are no secrets, because you've already shared them all.

Whenever I'm with my best friend, it feels like there's no topic that's off the table. Whatever is on my mind is said, and every conversation brings us even closer together. I feel so incredibly lucky — and #blessed — to have a BFF to spill all the secrets, funny stories, and tea with.

Is There Something On My Butt?
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You've likely been here before more times than once. You're worried that you might have sat on something, and you think you might be walking around with a spot on your butt. That's when you enlist the useful help of your BFF. When you can't easily check yourself, you ask your bestie to check out the situation.

Would It Be Super Embarrassing If I Did... ?

Sometimes, you just need to check in with your BFF before doing something. She'll let you know her honest opinion if something might end up being really embarrassing. (Though, of course, nothing is ever too embarrassing for you two.) You tell each other about every trip and accidental burp you experience, then laugh it out.

What Do You Think Of My Dating Matches?

When it comes to online dating, you want your bestie to be in the know at all times. That's when you show her your matches, and she'll give her honest opinion if she thinks something's a red flag.

Be Honest, How Does This Taste?
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Sometimes, you need a second opinion. That's when you ask your BFF to taste whatever you're cooking or baking, and know you're you'll receive the truth in return simply by the expression on her face. (Heck, sometimes, your brownies just come out a little too gooey and not cake-y enough, am I right?)

Is This New Deodorant I'm Wearing Actually Getting The Job Done?

Finding the right deodorant that works best can sometimes be a real struggle. When you're unsure if your new deodorant is getting the job done successfully, you enlist the help of your BFF. She'll likely have no problem taking a quick sniff, and will always let you know what's up.

Should I Post This Selfie?
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You always ask your bestie to choose which selfie of yours she likes best before you post, because you truly value her opinion. She'll also let you know the honest truth about whether you're posting too much, or need to start posting more #content on your feed.

Are You Scared Right Now?
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You and your best friend have already shared your biggest fears with each other. That's why you don't have to pretend to be tough if you're faced with a scary situation, like watching a horror movie. There's no shame in letting her know how scared out of your mind you are when that goblin pops out.

Do You Want To Talk About It?
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You can tell just by looking at your best friend when she's not OK. You also feel totally comfortable talking to her about anything and everything. That's why you don't hesitate for a second before asking if she wants to talk about what's bugging her.

What Did You Actually Do Friday Night?
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Your bestie may have pulled the food poisoning card to get out of Friday night plans with the squad — but you know that, deep down, she was actually fine. You'd never rat her out, you just want to know what she did instead (which was likely cuddle up with her pup on the couch and stream Netflix).

Why Are You Really Late?
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You can tell right away when your friend is lying about the "traffic" she ran into on her way to brunch with the crew. She'll confess right away (to you, and you alone) that she just pressed the snooze button one too many times. Oops! It happens to the best of us.

Did You Cry During The Movie?

With anyone else, you might try to act tough and say a bug flew into your eye. That's not the case with your friend. You will openly admit how much you bawled your eyes out during the movie. (Don't even get me started on Pixar films. My bestie knows I'm hardcore sobbing.)