The 'Tiger King' Producers Are Bringing Another Famous Tiger Story To Netflix

by Ani Bundel
Chris Farina/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

When Tiger King hit big on Netflix, it was the latest in a string of true-crime docuseries for the streamer. The series went viral because it had everything, from wild twists to questionable motives, and, of course, beautiful animals. Tiger King would not have been a hit without its tigers, a fact not lost on those who made the series happen. There are now several new projects focusing on the Tiger King story, but for those who started it, it's time to tell a new tale about tigers. A Tiger King episode about the Siegfried and Roy tiger attack is reportedly their next project. Elite Daily reached out to Netflix for confirmation, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

The directors behind Tiger King are Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric Goode. The latter is a significant figure in global wildlife philanthropy, including founding the Turtle Conservancy in 2009. According to The Hollywood Reporter, one of the series producers, Dr. James Liu, who works at Goode's conservatory, contacted the outlet, indicating a new project was in the works:

[Dr. James Liu] contacted The Hollywood Reporter on Thursday, requesting contact information for Chris Lawrence, a former tiger handler for Siegfried & Roy's Las Vegas show. Lawrence received national media attention in March 2019 when he was profiled in THR about his 15-year battle with PTSD following the infamous attack, which left Roy Horn permanently injured... During the brief call on Thursday, Liu — who indicated he also served as part of Tiger King’s production team — said work was underway on a follow-up episode, under the Tiger King name.
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Much like the initial Tiger King story, the Siegfried and Roy story from 2003 is one with many sides and lots of twists and turns. In 2003, Roy Horn was attacked on stage, live in front of the audience by a white tiger named Montecore, ending with the tiger dragging him off stage by the neck. The incident severed Horn's spine, among other injuries, and in response, the Mirage canceled their long-running Las Vegas act.

Exactly who is responsible for what happened that night remains a controversy to this day. New allegations of who is to blame erupted as recently as 2019.

It is unclear whether a story on the Siegfried & Roy incident would be a single episode or mark a Season 2 under the Tiger King brand. Moreover, the timing of this happens to coincide with the passing of Horn, who died of COVID-19 complications on May 8, 2020.

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