A Thong Jeans Costume Exists, Because Why Wouldn't It?

Extra, extra! Read all about it! A Thong Jeans costume now exists, and if you had your eye on the luxe runway version first spotted on Oct. 18 at Amazon Fashion Week in Tokyo, the costume version is a fraction of the price. Yandy, a self-described "retailer of sexy women’s specialty apparel," hopped on the trend extra quick, creating a $60 look worthy of a spot on the catwalk — and in your collection of Halloween costumes.

Thong Jeans, $6, Yandy

ICYMI: The OG Thong Jeans were created by new designer Thibaut, according to Harper's Bazaar. They made their debut at the designer's Amazon Fashion Week show and promptly set the fashion world abuzz. Many wondered, "Is this the weirdest denim trend of 2017?" Had these barely-there jeans slash strips of fabric taken the place of Topshop's Clear Knee Mom Jeans in the category of Most Bizarre Yet Wanted Denim, 2017 edition? If the answer isn't a sure yes from you, you've got to admit they are up there in the lengthy list of eyebrow-raising designer choices.

In her post-show article about the Thong Jeans, Harper's Bazaar writer Lauren Alexis Fisher described the interesting pants as a style that "took cut-out jeans to an entirely new level with the front and back panels of the legs cut out, leaving nothing but the seams." These are not your average cut-outs, y'all. And that's why they make such a brilliant Halloween costume.

Yandy took Thibaut's basic concept (panel-less jeans that show off lots of cheek) and crafted a costume they're calling the Runway Thong Jeans costume. It's chic because it was on. the. runway.


Retailing for just $60, the Runway Thong Jeans costume (available in small, medium, and large sizes) comes with everything you need to create your own fashion show at home: a nude long-sleeved, geometric-printed bodysuit and a pair of "tattered blue jeans with a thong cut back, open legs and ankle cuffs." The product images on Yandy's website show the look accessorized with gold-rimmed glasses, but unfortunately, those aren't included. Let's be real though: This look is all about those non-jeans.

Yandy's vice president of merchandising, Pilar Quintana-Williams, elaborated on the brand's mission to honor pop culture trends with costumes in a statement sent to Elite Daily via email. She says,

Every year we're known for creating these amazing, pop culture-inspired costumes and this year is no exception. The Runway Thong Jeans Costume mixes that recognizable, meme element with a fashion forward twist which are equally important to our Yandy customer. With Halloween so near, this is the kind of costume our customer wants to be to make them talk of their Halloween party.

I have to agree, this costume makes a statement. It will get people talking and — at least among fashion folk — will be an excellent contender for Best Costume.

Ready to order? In an email announcing the costume's arrival, Yandy offered a few last-minute tips to keep in mind regarding shipping dates. Here's when to place your order depending on how early you need your Runway Thong Jeans:

Tuesday Oct 24 (after 4:30 pm PST) - Wednesday Oct 25 (at 4:30 pm PST): $9.95 Friday (10/27) Costume Delivery Guaranteed
Wednesday Oct 25 (after 4:30 pm PST) - Thursday Oct 26 (at 4:30 pm PST): $14.95 Friday (10/27) Costume Delivery Guaranteed
Thursday Oct 26 (after 4:30 pm PST) - Friday Oct 27 (at 4:30 pm PST): $9.95 Tuesday (10/31) Costume Delivery Guaranteed
Friday Oct 27 (after 4:30 pm PST) - Monday Oct 30 (at 4:30 pm PST): $14.95 Tuesday (10/31) Costume Delivery Guaranteed

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