A Sloth Emoji Might Be Coming Next Year & I Can't Wait To Use It

I've got some breaking emoji news for you. There is a chance that a sloth might be coming to your emoji lineup next year. Let me repeat: a sloth emoji might be coming in 2019 (!!!). Oh my goodness, if this just isn't the best news ever, then I really don't know what is. How many times have you gone to text a friend and wished for a small digital sloth to send? A lot, right? Good. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my obsession. This fabulous news just keeps getting better, because, in addition to the sloth, there are 103 other emojis draft candidates that could be released as early as 2019. While next year is still pretty far away (or at least it feels that way), I can't wait to use the sloth emoji over and over again, if and when it is released.

Unicode, the designer of all the emojis you know and love, is working on 104 new digital expressions for you and your crew to enjoy sometime next year. If all goes according to plan, there will be 60 new characters, plus variants. So all in all, 104 brand new ways to express yourself in all of your electronic communications might be coming. Of course, this includes the sloth that I can't get enough of. Just look at the little guy hanging out on a branch with a big ol' grin on his face. Pure happiness.

The expected update for 2019 includes a variety of new emojis in the following categories:

  • Smileys and people (59)
  • Animals and nature (7)
  • Food and drink (8)
  • Travel and places (6)
  • Activities (3)
  • Objects (9)
  • Symbols (12)

It does not appear that there will be any new flags added to the 2019 emoji update, although keep in mind it is a draft list, so anything is possible. Some of the more notable emoji additions for next year — outside of the sloth, of course — are the waffle, guide dog, sari, one-piece bathing suit, the planet Saturn, manual and motorized wheelchairs, yo-yo, garlic, onion, stethoscope, and a slew of others you probably didn't know you were missing out on. If that short list isn't enough to tide you over until next year, you can check out the full line up of anticipated digital expressions for yourself.

Anyone can submit a request for a new emoji character, but the process isn't as simple as listing off the emoji you want. To apply for a new emoji, Unicode requires you submit a detailed proposal, including a sample mock-up of the desired character. If you were hoping to slide your submission in to the proposed 2019 emojis, well, I'm afraid that window closed on March 31, 2018. But that doesn't mean you can't be thinking ahead to 2020. Once you've submitted your emoji, it can take 30 days or longer for your emoji proposal to be reviewed by the Unicode panel.

If approved, these new round of emoji's would be part of the emoji 12.0 update. The final list will be released sometime in September. Until then, I'll sit tight and wait on the emoji 11.0 update that is slated to hit phones in June. I know, I know, I might be getting a little ahead of myself here, but if only they could move that adorable little three-toed mammal into the upcoming round of emoji updates. My sloth-loving heart just might explode.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available, because you know I won't miss a beat when it comes to emoji sloth-related news.