A Man Crashed The Olympics Opening Ceremony & Wait What Now?

by Laura Rizzo
Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The Olympics opening ceremony came and went without a hitch... well, almost. Watching from home, the entire display was amazing and awe-inspiring. However, there was an unwelcome visitor who walked out on stage during the performance, and it was strange. The man who crashed the Olympics opening ceremony has people so, so confused.

During the last few moments of the opening ceremony broadcast on NBC, the commentators noted that there was a mild disturbance — a man wandering around during the opening celebration.

Dressed in a knee-length red coat and hat, the invader apparently crashed the performance twice. First, he took a slide (quite literally) down the icy runway in the back of the performance stage. Then, he walked around during one of the dance numbers and confronted two of the performers.

He was quickly rushed off, but not quick enough. The dude literally walked around on the Olympic stage for a few minutes before finally being dragged away by security. A few things came to mind while watching it — "This is strange," "I'm uncomfortable," and (most importantly), "How in the actual heck is this happening?"

The Olympic crasher was mentioned so briefly on NBC — if you blinked, you probably missed it.

Here he is in all his glory, headphones and all.

Apparently, acting like you belong really does work all the time. The question remains — is he living his best life or is this the most inappropriate thing you've ever seen?

The invader didn't cause any reported harm, and no arrests have been made, according to As reported by the publication, an Olympic spokesperson said about the incident,

It was a Korean spectator and he was removed from the stadium as soon as he was taken off the stage.

Reportedly, another duo also crashed the opening ceremony at PyeongChang.

These two were a couple of very familiar faces. Two men dressed as Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un arrived ready to fist bump and make amends.

Honestly, the Trump look-alike was pretty spot on — spray tan and all. The Trump impersonator, Dennis Alan, wore a suit with a fiery red tie and signature red hat that had "USA" plastered across the front.

The Kim impersonator (who is identified as only Howard), wore glasses, a dark peacoat, and scarf. The two were quite a sight and caused a ton of buzz around the arena.

The impersonators seemed to be doing more good than harm, but were still escorted from the premises.

The Kim doppelgänger explained that the entire thing was done for satire and as a way to unite the two countries. He told The Telegraph,

Let's start talking and stop with all the missiles and stop with the missiles and everything else.

A pretty ballsy move, but people in attendance definitely got a kick out of the "celebrity" sighting.

While all those things made for entertaining distractions, the next few weeks is all about competition, sports, and the best athletes in the world.

The athletes feel just as blessed as those of us at home watching. Captain of the women's hockey team, Meghan Duggan, explained that it's all about that "aha moment."

She tells Elite Daily that she loves exploring the games and Olympic village. She says she's grateful when she thinks "about how powerful of a space it is and how many incredible athletes and powerful men and women you’re surrounded by."

She continued,

It’s really being part of something that’s so much bigger than yourself or your individual sport — or your individual country. It’s so many powerful and amazing athletes coming together from all different walks of life in one space for an event of peace. It’s really, really, pretty special.

Seriously, like, the most special. The Olympic games are in full swing in the city of PyeongChang. Don't miss a minute of the action (and mishaps) on NBC.

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