The 10 Best Disney Movie Soundtracks That Will Never, Ever Leave Your Playlist


I know, it's nearly impossible. To try and make a definitive ranking of the best Disney movie soundtracks is a hard task because there are so many good albums to choose from. Some of the best, however, have been trending on TikTok recently, and there are so many more to discuss. From Pixar to princess movies, beloved Disney soundtracks will never go out of style.

"Is this Phil Collins recording for Tarzan? ... This is good, this is probably too good, though. It can't be this good!" a TikTok user said in a recent viral video about the epic animated film. Going down the rabbit hole of Tarzan's greatness only leads listeners to other Disney epics, including Collins' additional work on Brother Bear and Elton John's bangers for The Lion King. Disney films, animated or live-action, have their own unique sense of nostalgia embedded within the stories told on screen, and Disney soundtracks are no different.

If you saw the stream of love across social media for Tarzan this week, get ready to become obsessed all over again with the ten best Disney movie soundtracks of all-time. Once you start listening, you won't be able to stop.

10. Moana

Moana's soaring solo track "How Far I'll Go" is more than enough to earn the film's soundtrack a spot on this list. The inspirational orchestration matches her lively and curious spirit; the crescendo of an ending is a heartfelt tribute to youth and nature. It's like combining all the elements that make any Disney movie soundtrack great.

9. Enchanted

If you weren't singing "That's How You Know" in theaters, you really missed out. Enchanted has one of the most lively and meta soundtracks in Disney's discography. The standout tracks are practically parodies of classic Disney film songs, taking joy in both making fun of the optimism in fairytales and embracing it.

8. Aladdin

Whether you're watching the live-action remake or the original animated film, Disney's Aladdin movies have a way of capturing you with their scores. Beyond just the loving harmonies of "A Whole New World," the songs are immersive and empathetic. They transport you into Prince Ali's shoes, and you experience the epic highs and lows right along with him.

7. Cinderella

This pick is one of the only classic Disney film soundtracks to truly stand the test of time, embedding itself into the very fabric of the theme parks and the stories told in Disney's other films. "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" is not just an anthem for lovers, but dreamers, too. It hits at the core of Disney's timeless message to its viewers, and has lasted decades alone as one of the most influential songs in their discography.

6. The Little Mermaid

"Part of Your World" and "Under the Sea" might be the most popular tracks from this soundtrack, but so many others pack a punch, too. "Poor Unfortunate Souls" is the quintessential Disney villain song that fans cling to, and "Kiss the Girl" is the ultimate Valentine's Day anthem.

5. Beauty and The Beast

A tale as old is time is bound to have a surplus of hits. Beauty and The Beast's soundtrack takes listeners on a fantastic journey through Belle's worldview, framing the princess as unique and witty while still letting her destiny guide her along the way. From "Gaston" to "Something There," the film's soundtrack is an ode to its characters, their egos, and their loves.

4. The Lion King

The soundtrack for The Lion King is known as a textbook Disney film soundtrack, an entry point for young listeners into the studio's sonic storybook. Nearly every song makes you want to sing along with the four-legged characters; beyond just carrying a tune, however, the soundtrack tells a far more complex story. It's about love, trust, ambition, and letting go of fear. "Hakuna Matata," anyone?

3. Frozen

This modern Disney film soundtrack revived the spirit of Disney itself as a musical powerhouse; so much so, Idina Menzel's "Let It Go" went totally mainstream upon its release. There hasn't been another Disney film in recent history that truly captures the magic of a fairytale, transcribing characters' hopes and dreams into an icy assemblage of harmonies and lyrics.

2. Tarzan

Admit it: Phil Collins went hard on this one. Tarzan has a soundtrack that almost can't be beat, and the 1999 film submerged Collins' musicality right into the animation. Collins received an Academy Award for Best Original Song for "You'll Be In My Heart" from Tarzan, and there's clearly a reason why the songs still resonate with the public today. It's just too damn good.

1. Toy Story

"You've Got A Friend In Me" is one of the most heartfelt tracks in Disney's discography, and the soundtrack to Toy Story is similarly soft. Behind the clash of personalities between Buzz and Woody is a story about the love within a friendship, and it's synergistically aligned with the score. Epic and groundbreaking, Randy Newman did exactly what he had to do: make Disney magic.