TikTok Is In Agreement About Which Disney Soundtrack Is The Best Of All Time


Every now and then, something nostalgic starts trending on social media and the world rediscovers their old faves. Usually, old hits resurface on the anniversaries of their releases, but this TikTok about Phil Collins' Tarzan soundtrack was totally random and totally necessary. Now, users on the app can't stop showing love to the Oscar winner's work on one of Disney's timeless masterpieces. Dig through your old VHS tapes to find the movie now, because you'll be wanting to sing along to it after you watch the video that's causing people to fall in love with Tarzan all over again in 2021.

"Is this Phil Collins recording for Tarzan? ... This is good, this is probably too good, though. It can't be this good!" TikTok user @wolf_duckworth said while pretending to be a producer in his now-viral video about the animated Disney film's soundtrack. The influencer set his video to the track "Strangers Like Me" from the 1999 movie, but there are no shortage of tracks Collins composed for the film that he could've used in the clip.

Collins received an Academy Award for Best Original Song for "You'll Be In My Heart" from Tarzan, on top of various other accolades from organizations for the film's soundtrack as a whole. "Strangers Like Me" specifically must have activated something within TikTok users, though, because the response to @wolf_duckworth's video was immediate and overwhelming.

"And he did it in several languages too," one user noted in the comments. "He didn't have to go that hard!" Another user joked, "Phil Collins has one mode ... and it's BEAST!" in response to the clip.

The 70-year-old recording artist certainly went into "beast mode" to record his songs for Tarzan, but let's not forget his amazing work on the 2003 Brother Bear soundtrack. If listening to Collins' entire discography doesn't bring you back to the days of rewinding VHS tapes just to harmonize with him during your favorite scenes, then you should probably just hit replay.

There's no doubt now that TikTok has reignited the love for Collins' Disney hits, someone out there is campaigning for his songs to get back on the charts over 20 years later. It certainly wouldn't be the first time an old track was revitalized by the app's users.