A woman smiles while stretching on her yoga mat in her bright apartment.

9 Beginner Yoga Tutorials To Stream & Ease Your Way Into Namaste


If you've been wanting to get into a consistent workout routine at home, why not try yoga? Even if you've never touched a yoga mat before, there are plenty of yoga for beginners tutorials on YouTube you can follow along with. They'll help ease you into a routine that works best for your schedule and fitness goals.

Before jumping right into the intricate poses and stretches, you'll want to nail down the basics. That's where these yoga for beginners videos come in handy. They range from simple stretches to do before bigger workouts, to 30-minute classes.

Beginners will find easy videos to stream from the comforts of home to kick each day off on the right note. For example, if you want to focus on just flexibility one day, there are tutorials for that. There are even short workouts for anyone who's super busy and only has five minutes to spare.

All you need to do for the perfect setup at home is arrange your computer so it's easy to see. Place your yoga mat on the floor, have a water bottle by your side, and press "play." It's that simple, and soon enough, you'll be getting your namaslay on.

This 20-Minute Sequence

For an easy-to-follow routine at home, check out this sequence by Yoga With Adriene. For 20 minutes a day, you can follow this tutorial that was designed for anyone who's new to the yoga scene.

This 10-Minute Morning Routine

Start your day on the right foot with a quick 10-minute yoga routine. This instructor even offers modifications in case you're not ready to do some of the stretches full out.

This Full Body Stretch

If you find yourself feeling a little stiff in the morning, you might want to try this full body stretch. All you need to do is follow this 10-minute morning stretch video right after getting out of bed.

This 30-Minute Workout That Works On Strength And Flexibility

If your main goals are balance, strength, and flexibility, this 30-minute yoga routine might be the one for you. The tutorial kicks off with a quick meditation, then moves into the flow.

A Full Body Routine That Requires No Props

If you don't have any yoga props at home, don't fret. This workout requires nothing except you. The instructor says this particular sequence works on increasing flexibility and building strength.

This Quick Five-Minute Workout

All this workout takes is five minutes to complete, and you'll be ready to take on your day. You can even do this workout in the afternoon if you need to recharge.

This Stretch And Release Exercise With Gorgeous Views

You may be working out at home, but you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean with this yoga routine. The gentle waves crashing in the distance can help you to relax, which is what this video focuses on.

Day One Of A 30-Day Yoga Challenge For Beginners

If you're down for a challenge, this video is the start of 30 days of yoga. Each day of this 30-day series focuses on something different like meditation and even HIIT.

A Lesson To Jumpstart Your At-Home Workout

This video is the first lesson of six videos that easily breaks things down for beginner yoga students. The instructor explains each pose and goes at a reasonable pace for anyone who's following along.