9 Women Weigh In On The Most Memorable Sex They’ve Ever Had, & It’s So Juicy

by Christy Piña

Sex can be a truly wonderful thing, but remembering every single time you get busy might be a little tricky. However, there's probably one specific time that stands out as the most memorable sex you've ever had. A Reddit thread posed the question, "What's the best sexual experience you've ever had?" and users certainly delivered. Below, you'll find nine women who revealed the most memorable sex they’ve ever had, and OMG, it is so juicy.

Think about the most memorable sex you've ever had. Whether it was the emotional connection you felt with the person, your carnal desire for them, and/or what it was you were doing, something made it stand out. If just the thought of that time sends tingles up your spine and makes you long for that kind of sexual pleasure again, figuring out what specifically made it the most memorable is a good place to start. If you can pinpoint that, you may be one step closer to feeling that euphoria a second time. The time is now, my pretties! You deserve to feel that good every time you have sex, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you're drawing a blank and can't remember exactly what it was about that one time, here are nine women's most memorable sexual experiences to help jog your memory. Warning: It's about to get hot in here.

It Was So Good, She Made Him Faint
My now husband, then boyfriend had told me that he didn't care for blow jobs so no worries in that department. I was flabbergasted and asked if he knew what he was saying. He insisted that he had gotten them before and didn't care for them. I kind of took this as a challenge and since we were having this conversation mid shower I decided to get on my knees right then and there. Let me mention really quick that we lived with 6 roommates and they were all home. Anyway I give what I feel was a regular blow job, nothing too extra, just a run of the mill blowsie. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, he collapsed on top of me and at least 4 roommates were asking if we were okay through the bathroom door! I was trying to hold him up as he was trying to recover as 4 roommates were trying to break in to the bathroom because something was wrong. Literally my proudest sexual moment... I broke my now husband and it took very little effort.


She Didn't Taste The Rainbow, But She Certainly Felt The Rainbow
One time my boyfriend and I ate a very large quantity of marijuana edibles (I don't know the mg, they were made by a friend), and started to have sex. The weed, plus my incredibly low tolerance to weed, plus my boyfriends magic fingers, resulted in an incredibly intense orgasm. Im talking my eyes were closed, but I could see and feel colors radiating out of me. It was super. I was worried that sex wouldn't be the same sober after that, but luckily its still been pretty great. Not "rainbows coming out of my p*ssy" great, but still great.


Butt Stuff Is Where It's At For These Ladies
The first time I did anal with my current bf and realized that I really enjoyed it. I came in a way that I had never done before and it was f*cking amazing.


We went out one night with friends and I got the good kind of drunk. Drunk enough to be completely uninhibited but not so drunk that i couldn't remember anything. We started with the foreplay which was long and exciting, esp since he was going down on me like a mad man, with fingers everywhere. Then things started getting rough, which was another first for me, and the louder i moaned, the more rowdy it got. He had complete control, and flipped me over onto my knees, face in a pillow, f*cking me so hard with his hand wrapped in my hair. And the dirty talk. Asking me if i liked that, and if i was his slut, etc. I was pretty much the loudest I had ever been in my life.
Then he said "I think i know what you want". I kind of had an idea what was coming next, but wasn't sure. I had never done it before, so I was excited and scared. He left me there, with my *ss in the air, and said DON'T MOVE. Then he left and went to the bathroom to get something (lube). He took my hands and held them together behind my back with one hand, and with his other hand, he started rubbing lube on my *sshole and then slowly started fingering my *sshole. I had never had ANYONE touch there before, up to then i had only been with boring dudes who never even broached the area of *ss play, so much so that I DIDNT EVEN KNOW IT WAS A THING. Then he inserted his dick and it was the best feeling I ever felt in my life. I know its supposed to hurt at first (and has since i tried it since), but i was in this total sweet spot of drunkenness that made me so relaxed and open. I did say Owwwwwwwwww in a way that meant, i was stretching but enjoying it. Like the best feeling of pleasure and pain that you didn't even know existed. As he f*cked my *ss, he also rubbed my clit and i had the most explosive orgasm I've ever had in my life.
It was this combination of the irish accent talking dirty, the hair/hand holding and the drunken *ss f*cking that made it the best night ever. I had too many orgasms to count. Its been 20 years since, and I still get wet thinking about it.


A Little Bit Of Role-Playing And Fantasy Fulfillment
I can't decide between 2. I always wanted a threesome, so when I got to eat out a girl while her bf f*cked me from behind, that was pretty amazing. F*cking her with a strapon was a huge fantasy i got to fulfill as well.
Second is probably my first real experience with roleplay. I was dressed as Harley Quinn (jester version for those who care) and he had me tied to the bed and blindfolded and pounded me like crazy. So. Yeah. That was nice.


One-Way Ticket To Pound Town
I went on a really nice first date with someone I’d been talking to through a dating app for a week or two. At the end of the date he suggested we go back to one of our places to “talk” and I said yes because it had been at least a year...
Gahd*mn he took me to pound town. 3 hours of kissing, fondling, grinding, f*cking, then f*cking again and again. He was the first guy that actually cared enough to make sure I orgasmed, more than once. Coming from an ex who didn’t ever want to try anything different from missionary, it is really nice being with someone that wants to experiment. He also tells me what he wants in bed and listens to what I want as well.
I’m seeing him again this weekend after a month long absence and my vagina is tingling thinking about it already.


She Came For A Full Minute
Was getting close to an orgasm one time with my man while he was behind me. It's pretty hard for me to come so I was getting excited. He lost control, grabbed my hips, and thrust hard and jerked, rubbing my gspot and then ejaculating right against it. That sensation, of his come against my gspot, made me start to come. It was the first time he felt my orgasm while inside me (I tighten up so much that I push him out, but because he was holding my hips, he didn't get pushed out). Made him come harder. Then I came more. For like a full minute. It was grand.


Risky Business
Had a fwb at 19. He was 27 when we started fooling around. We'd had sex quite a few times before this "best sexual experience" happened. This night, he'd invited me and a friend over to his condo for dinner and drinks with one of his buds. We were all talking and having a good time when he says he has something to show me in his room. We all knew he was hinting at sex in a not so subtle way. I said sure and followed him to his room. We went into his bathroom and he f*cked me hard on his bathroom counter while I tried not to make too much noise. After we finished we returned to his living room where our friends had probably heard everything and tried to play it off.


They Entered The World Of BDSM
About a couple years back, I was with [ex bf], him and I were exploring the wonderful world that is BDSM, which sparked my bondage fetish.
Well, during one particular scene, he had tied my hands to my ankles and tied a vibrator to my girly bits with a blind fold on. He then face f*cked me and came in my mouth 3 times before I finally came with a very powerful orgasm, with is d*ck still in my mouth, that I'm almost certain his roommates could hear.
I still think about it, and I get so moist with the possibility of trying that again.


Told ya it was going to be hot, hot, hot. If reading these women's experiences made you feel like you want to try new things in the bedroom, now you have nine places to start. And hey, if it's not your thing, you can always go back to your trusty go-to positions. They're not going anywhere! Happy sexing, babes.