Here's What Guys Describe As The Best, Most Memorable Sex They've Ever Had


The BEST sex you've ever had. Can you remember it?

Well, even if you can't remember a specific time, odds are, you remember a specific type of sex. There was something that made some sex better than the rest.

Now, obviously, we're all thinking the same thing: What was that something, and how do I know if I've done it with any of my partners?

Well, wonder no more! A recent Reddit thread asked dudes to describe the best sex they've ever had. They all boiled down to a few common themes ranging from an enthusiastic partner to open communication.

Read along and see what guys count as THE BEST SEX EVER:

For these guys, it happened when a girl was enthusiastic about getting boinked by him.

For this guy, it's all about the emotional connection.

For this guy, good sex is "animalistic."

For this modern-day Casanova, it's all about the woman's pleasure.

For these guys, communication is huge.

For this guy, the thrill makes the sex so much better.

For this dude, great sex just happens.

For this guy, it's just straight up porn sex.

Easy enough, right?

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