9 Women Reveal Why They Prefer Bikini Waxes Before They Get Intimate

by Sydnee Lyons

I've been getting bikini waxes for about five years now and I have no regrets. Well, one: they're expensive. Other than that though, I'm happy to swap a few minutes of excruciating pain for smooth skin down there. With all the horror stories about pain (they're all true), you're probably wondering, "Why do women do bikini waxes?"

Well, I started getting bikini waxes after I got out of a four-year, long-distance relationship. I realized that because I'd gotten used to never having to dress up or look special for anyone while my partner and I lived in different countries that I'd sort of given up on myself. Ultimately, my decision to get a bikini wax was inspired by a desire to regain my confidence, in and out of the bedroom. Yeah, it hurt like hell but I felt sexier and strangely powerful afterward. I figured if I could get through a bikini wax, I could get through anything else life threw at me that year. I especially loved that I had done it purely for myself since I wasn't seeing anyone at the time.

Ironically, since then, I've noticed that I'm much better about keeping up my wax routine when I'm single. I think it's because when I'm in a relationship, I get so comfortable that a little stubble really doesn't phase me. Luckily, it's never bothered any of my partners, either. I honestly think I enjoy the feeling more than they do.

That's just my story, though. Here's why nine other women say they get regular bikini waxes.

It's all about self-confidence.
I prefer little to no hair for myself and I find waxing to be so convenient and preferable to shaving, because it lasts so much longer, takes less time and isn’t itchy or bothersome right after or when growing back. I just feel better overall after a wax and more confident too! It makes me feel more confident and comfortable when it comes to dating and sex, although I have maintained my waxing routine regardless of my status. The guys I have been with have never pressured me either way.

— Ann*, 23

It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.
Because it feels great. I love getting a wax whether it's bikini or legs.


It's aesthetically pleasing.
I like the way it looks. That's pretty much it.


It's a nice thing to do for yourself.
I used to occasionally wax just for myself before beach vacations, but once I got into a relationship, I started doing waxes more regularly. My boyfriend has never expressed a preference either way, but personally, I feel more confident after a wax, so that's why I do it. As much as I prefer to be bare, waxing is expensive, so I had a hard time justifying the cost regular appointments to myself when I was single. To me, it feels a little bit more reasonable now that I'm dating someone.

— Kyra*, 24

It turns your partner on.
Australian brazilian waxer here, been having them done since I was 19 years old and I'm almost 35, so it's obviously my preference! I've done everything from having it all the way off, to leaving a 'landing strip', to leaving a little trimmed triangle. My SO actually prefers me to leave a little bit of trimmed hair to look more 'womanly' so I'll often ask for this at the salon, but some girls I've noticed aren't confident enough to do a nice even strip at the front. I don't really mind, as long as it's aaaaalllllll off from underneath.


It moves things along under the covers, literally.
I wax it all off, front and back, every 6 weeks or so. It's a little pricey but I like the look and the ride is slicker. Plus he doesn't get those little hairs caught in the back of his throat.


It's easier to keep things clean down there.
It feels cleaner for some reason.


It heats things up in bed.
Not for pleasure. Usually motivated for another, more intimate reason.


It's empowering AF.
I had my first Brazillian a few months ago at age 51. Lover (M) and I were playing with a woman (first time for me - she specifically wanted to go down on me) and I wanted to feel "clean" and unselfconscious.
Up until then, shaved or trimmed. After my c-section, my pubes stopped growing anywhere between my bellybutton and my mons pubis - but it seems to be creeping down my thighs and up my ass crack! And it's going gray/white...
I like the waxing - if it wasn't so pricey, I'd do it regularly.


Get a bikini for any of these reasons but most importantly, get a bikini wax because you want to.

*Names have been changed. Quotes have been edited and condensed for clarity.