9 Ways To Get Out Of Your Dating Comfort Zone This Summer

by Ginny Hogan

Spring sprang for two seconds, and now it's time for summer at last. Maybe you're looking to meet someone new to bring to the beach or to split that frosé. I love going on dates in the summer because I'm more relaxed, and I feel like I can open up to the other person faster (in conversation — get your minds out of the gutter!). Summer is a great time to mix things up, which makes it so easy to get out of your dating comfort zone this summer.

If you're used to planning dates for cold, winter nights, it can be tough to figure out what to swap out for a hot toddy. (Pro-tip: You can actually drink hot toddies year round — there are no rules.) But if you want to meet new people and date in new ways now that it's warm (or sweltering, depending on your level of optimism), then summer can be a great time to get out of your comfort zone. Have you ever slipped a cute yogi your number after a heated class? It's because of the sweat. Seriously — it makes us more fun.

Read on to find nine ways to get out of your dating comfort zone this summer!

Try A Beach Date

You might not think sand is particularly sexy, but it does your date something to brush off your body, and vice versa. If you like the beach, maybe invite your new crush to join you there. There's always a lot going on — sandcastles, beach volleyball, bodysurfing — so you won't run out of things to do. Plus, the people-watching is always fun!

Invite Them On A Hike

Remember those cold, chilling winter months when you dreamed of warmer weather? Well, it's here, and there's no better way to take advantage of it than to invite your date on a hike. See the beautiful views as you get to know each other — everything feels flirty on top of a mountain.

Experiment With Some Summer Recipes

Do you like to cook? Maybe invite your date over for a summer-inspired meal. Cook some squash, salmon, and lemon meringue pie, if that appeals to you. You'll get to enjoy the summery cuisine while showing off your skills to your date!

Make It A Beach Day In The Park

Do you not live near the beach and/or hate sand? Both are extremely relatable. If you'd like to pretend you're on a beach date with your crush, invite them to hang out in the park on a huge beach towel with you. This can be a great date if you're not sure you want to use the words "date" — you can pitch it as a fun hang. Pack some lemonade and a beach ball, and get ready to sit (truly my favorite activity)!

Go To An Outdoor Concert

You can go alone, with friends, or with a date — there will be tons of people there to meet anyway. So many cities have free outdoor concerts in the summer, and what better way to enjoy the warm months? Text your crush (or your friends) and make some moves!

Introduce Yourself To Someone In An Air-Conditioned Museum

Maybe you're looking to meet someone new, but you're tired of swiping on dating apps. If so, you're not alone, and there are tons of people to meet IRL. So get out of the heat for a few hours and pop into an air-conditioned museum. There will be plenty of tourists and residents looking to get cultured (and cooled) this summer, so it could be your chance! Introduce yourself to someone who's been looking at the same painting for more than five minutes — trust me, they're doing it for the meet-cute.

Explore The Best Ice Cream Shops

Find a list of your city or town's best ice cream shops and get moving. Invite your crush to check them out with you. This is a perfect date because even if it turns out the two of you don't have chemistry, you still have ice cream, which is arguably better.

Meet Someone While Traveling

If this summer, you're vacationing somewhere you've never been before, there are tons of apps that can help you meet someone while traveling. Brace yourself for an awesome fling in a new place! And if it turns into more than a fling, even better.

Embrace The Heat

Summer is hot hot hot, but not just from the sun. Turn up the heat on your own love life and use summer as a chance to be bold. So, ask that cute barista for their number, or introduce yourself to someone even if you're covered in sweat. People love a little summer adventure, and if you commit yourself to trying something new, you just might find it.

Summer is my personal favorite season. I love to hang out with my friends at the beach, but I also love going on dates. Something about the heat makes me want to introduce myself to strangers (perhaps in the hopes that they have air conditioning). So enjoy the summer by dating and get out of your comfort zone — you never know what excitement awaits!