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9 TikTok Sangria Recipes That Are So Easy & Good


Nothing sounds more refreshing than sipping a sangria (if you're 21 or up) as the temperature outside begins to get warmer. It's time to dust off your bartending skills for a little sangria mixing at home. Whether you have a virtual happy hour planned with friends or date night with bae at home, easy TikTok sangria recipes will come in handy for all the fun times ahead.

The simplest recipe for sangria consists of chopped fruit and a bottle of wine, but you're looking for something a little extra. TikTok has you covered. The social media platform is becoming the go-to place to find the latest dance trends, memes, and now, recipes. The best part of all is that with TikTok's video time limit, these 10 sangria recipes are so simple to follow that you'll be making pitchers of delicious beverages in no time.

The right sangria will make your virtual hangout with your crew that much sweeter. Plus, sometimes all it takes is watching someone else sharing their sangria recipe to inspire you to come up with your own. Use what you've got in your kitchen to make a sangria that's worthy of a TikTok video of your own. Or, just follow along and share your recreation with a post of you relaxing and sippin' sangrias with #HappyAtHome as part of your caption.

This Straightforward Sangria With Apples And Oranges

Use the apples you have at home for this apple and orange sangria mix. Along with the chopped-up fruit and red wine, you'll need some sugar, orange juice, and your liquor of choice to make this very straightforward (and delicious) drink.

This Sangria Will Pear So Well With Dinner

Follow your heart with this strawberry, peach, and pear sangria recipe. In the video, it even says to "measure with your heart" when adding in the peach schnapps. Serve this fruity mix with your favorite dish, and you've got yourself a dream come true dinner.

This White Sangria Is So Citrusy

If you prefer white over red wine, you'll like this white sangria mix. Not only is it easy to make, but it's so citrusy with grapefruit, lemons, and oranges in the mix. This video tutorial uses vodka soda, so to make the sangria less strong, swap that out for regular soda water.

This Bubbly Sangria For Sippin' While Relaxin'

Take a cue from this TikToker, and treat yourself to some bubbles and sangria. Follow this simple recipe that uses fruits like mango and pineapple, so it'll taste like you're on a beach in a hammock.

This Sangria Will Have You Feeling Just Peachy

If you don't have any fruit to chop up at home, no worries. This peach sangria recipe requires no fruit at all. Instead, use some orange juice and peach schnapps to obtain that fruity taste. The bright colors of this mix are perfect for chilling in the backyard on a warm summer afternoon.

This Green Apple Sangria For A Pop Of Color

Sangria is delicious, don't you a-green? Well, you can enjoy a colorful glass of green apple sangria, thanks to this recipe. The color in this drink is very vibrant, and will definitely pop in whatever picture you take of it.

This Sangria Uses A Fave Sip: White Claw

Raise your hand if you're a major White Claw fan. Well, this White Claw sangria might be the recipe for you. Combining some fresh berries, Pink Whitney vodka, and Black Cherry White Claw, you'll get this pink drink that's not only delicious, but great for sippin' selfies.

This Rosé Sangria Is Prime For Pool Days

With just four simple ingredients, this rosé sangria mix is easy to duplicate. All you need is some vodka, fresh strawberries, soda water, and your favorite bottle of rosé. This is so refreshing and perfect for those days when you're lounging by the pool.

This Limoncello Sangria Will Be Your Go-To Summertime Sip

When life hands you lemons, make some Limoncello sangria. This mix of red wine, Limoncello, raspberries, and peaches is perfect for the warm weather.