9 Things You Should Thank Your Best Friend At Work For RN

Payday and bagel Fridays are great and all, but the best work perk you can have in the office is a work wife. Out of all the jobs I've had since college, the one thing I take away from each one of them is the friends I make. Of course, there's a huge difference between just an office friendship and someone who you consider your work wife. A work wife is likely a friendship that's meant to last forever, and there are things you should thank your best friend at work for, because you don't know what you would do without her on the daily.

Even if you have your dream job in the chillest office in the world, it still wouldn't be perfect without someone to take on each day with. Your bestie in the office is the person you grab coffee and lunch with. They're the first person you talk to about the latest office gossip. They might even be the only person you see in the real world, because you make plans outside of the nine to five work week.

Now is the time to let your work wife know just how much you care by grabbing her go-to coffee order or sending her a quick text. Then, tell her "thank you" for each one of these nine reasons why she is the greatest work wife of all time.

1. For Grabbing Coffee With You In The Morning And Knowing Your Order


Just as much as you wouldn't be able to survive a work day without your BFF, the same goes for your coffee. You need your latte, which is why you're forever grateful for someone to always go on necessary coffee runs with. Your work wife even knows your favorite order, so if you're running late, she can just grab it for you. That's true friendship right there.

2. For Talking To You Nonstop On GChat Or Slack Throughout The Day

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Your office may be quiet, but your Gchat convo with your work wife is always popping. You and your best friend are constantly sending each other funny links and Gifs. She can always make a dull day so much better. It's also how you get the 411 on office gossip right away, all thanks to her.

3. For Letting You Vent About Any #WorkDrama

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I totally understand that not everyone can listen to someone talk about how the struggle can be real at times. That's why you love your work bestie for being able to listen to you vent about your cubicle mate who always humblebrags, and the coworker who hogs all the room in the refrigerator.

4. For Grabbing Lunch At Your Go-To Places


The best time of the day is lunch when you and your best friend can leave the office and eat some of your favorite food. You love that you've established your go-to spots, and never tire of them. Honestly, you wish that you could just go to lunch all day long with her.

5. For Pushing You To Go For That Promotion


Your work bestie is your biggest cheerleader. She is always pushing you to go for that promotion. She knows your career goals, and will do whatever it takes to help get you achieve them.

6. For Having Your Back When You Need Support

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When you're running late or forgot to send an important email, your best friend is there to support you. She'll cover for you and have your back, no matter what. Also, just as much as she supports you, you do the same for her.

7. For Being The Reason You Actually Look Forward To Waking Up Early For Work


Your work wife is the reason why you don't continuously hit the snooze button all day long. As fun as your job can be, you need that extra motivation to part ways with your cozy comforter in the morning. Don't even get me started on how painfully dreadful the days are when she's out of the office. (Let's not think about that, though.)

8. For Being Your Only Friend Who Truly Understands Your Work Stories


Sometimes, you want to tell the funny stories that happened at the office to your roomies or your hometown squad. However, it usually takes twice the time to tell them, because you have to give your non-work friends a lot of backstory. Luckily, you have your work best friend to talk to, and she just gets it.

9. For Going All-Out On Your Birthday


Birthdays in the office are way better when you have a work best friend to celebrate with. She remembers and surprises you with presents on your big day. She also lets everyone else know to treat you like a queen, and may even decorate your desk with confetti and cupcakes. Your bestie truly knows how to make you feel special.