9 Things That Happen On Your Bestie Road Trip That'll Make You LOL Down The Road

There's nothing better than cruising with your best friends in the car. You're singing along to your favorite songs on the radio, and eating the best snacks. With the wind blowing through your hair and the open road in front of you, it can make for some of the best memories ever. Though, there are other things that happen on a road trip that'll make you and your BFFs laugh a little more down the road.

These are the inevitable road trip experiences you'll run into. They may be bumps in the road at first, but when you're looking back on this trip, these are the moments that'll make you and your best friends laugh the hardest. As an expert traveler, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

These little things are the reasons why I love road trips in the first place. While the destination is set, you never know what's going to happen along the way. The surprises and spontaneous pit stops are what give you the hilarious (and sometimes cringeworthy) stories you cherish for a lifetime. It also shows that no matter where you're going or what you're doing, it's always the best time when your squad is around.

When One Person Always Gets Stuck Driving
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Even though you plan on switching it up, there's always the one friend who is just destined to be the driver. They might even be dubbed the road trip mom of the crew.

When You're Not Feeling The Playlist
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When you switch up the DJ in the car, you always run the risk of having a playlist that someone's not feeling. There may be that one friend in the group who wants to play songs that no one has ever heard of before. As great as they may be, they're not the classic jams you might want to hear, like Britney Spears and *NSYNC.

When That One Friend Always Has To Go To The Bathroom

Even if you just stopped a minute ago, there's always that one friend in the group who will have to pee again. It might be a little annoying at first, but then it just becomes an ongoing inside joke between you guys.

When Someone Spills The Snacks
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As much as everyone tries to keep things clean when eating food in the car, there might be a moment when Cheetos get spilled everywhere. (Oops.) With bumps in the road, it can happen. Now, anytime you find a stray chip or fry in your backseat, you'll laugh and think of that one time on the road trip.

When That One Friend Never Stops Talking When People Are Trying To Sleep
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There's always that one friend who just wants to keep the party going. She might not notice that everyone else is settling down and trying to take a nap. You can't fault her for just wanting to have fun, but you just want to catch some Z's.

When You Realize Your Co-Pilot Fell Asleep When You're Driving
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When you're the driver, you need a co-pilot to help with directions, keep the beats going strong, and just to gossip with. The problem is when they drift off to sleep, and you really just want your co-pilot to talk to and keep the good vibes flowing.

I remember one time having to wake up my friend when she was my co-pilot. I blasted the radio, and have never seen her bolt up so fast singing along to Alicia Keys before. It truly is one of my favorite road trip memories.

When You Have A Debate Of Having The Windows Up Or Down

Some people like the windows rolled down, so their hair can blow in the wind. Others are really not about having their hair in their face, and would much rather have the windows up and the air conditioning cranking. You might have an official debate of windows up or down, or just compromise and alternate.

When You Have To Decide Where To Stop For Food
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Stopping for a bite at a diner or a fast food place is a road trip tradition. The only problem is deciding on one place to go. Some exits have multiple choices, and everyone has a different opinion. Even though there might be a few objections at first, where you decide on going may become your new road trip tradition you all end up loving.

When That One Friend Always Asks Where You Are
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There's always going to be that one person in any road trip who asks, "Are we there yet?" It's a must. As annoying as it might be to answer over and over again, it makes you laugh out loud now just thinking about it.