The 7 Millennial Hot Spots That'll Make Your Cross-Country Road Trip Enviable AF

by Kristin Corpuz

In my opinion, summer travel is the best travel. So many destinations are embracing their nicest weather of the year, and there are so many different ways to travel when it's warm outside. You can fly, of course, or take a long train ride, hop on a bus, or jump in a car with a pal or your SO and take a road trip from wherever your starting point may be. Road trips are fun and adventurous, and bring you so much closer to whomever you're traveling with. Here are some of the best places to stop on a cross-country road trip that will seriously up your Instagram game and make all of your followers jealous.

Obviously, it's impossible to fit every Instagrammable place in the country on this list. (I can think of seven in my neighborhood in LA alone!) But having a general guide that can help you plan out some of the best Instagram moments of your trip can be super helpful when you're figuring out your game plan.

From the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, to the red stairs in Times Square in New York City, you're bound to find beautiful, mesmerizing, charming, and seriously chic places to take a ton of pictures to fill up your feed. Here are just a few of my absolute favorites.

Griffith Observatory — Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles has no shortage of beautiful and Instagrammable spots, but the hike to the Griffith Observatory has to be one of the coolest. As someone who honestly hates hiking — but loves the view payoff at the end — this one isn't too difficult, and the view is pretty incredible.

Instagram pic idea: Pose for a pic on the hiking trail with the Observatory's iconic domes in the background.

Wildfang — Portland, Oregon

For people who love feminist apparel, sassy graphic tees, and just generally cool vibes, the Wildfang store on Grand Avenue is an absolute must-see when you visit Portland. The store itself is super cool. You can sign their wall with an inspirational message or take a Boomerang on their swings — and the apparel is even cooler.

Instagram pic idea: Strike a pose in your new tee from Wildfang in front of an iconic Portland site like Powell's Books or the Portland Japanese Garden.

The "Greetings From Chicago" Mural — Chicago, Illinois
Gabriel (Gabi) Bucataru/Stocksy

The "Greetings from Chicago" mural is a must-see and picture-perfect for your feed. According to, the wall is located in an area that's filled with a ton of cool street art. So break out your camera, because you can have a full-on photo shoot against all the walls.

Instagram pic idea: Snack on a deep-dish slice while posing in front of the mural.

Times Square — New York, New York

Though most locals avoid the crowds of Times Square at all costs — I know I did when I lived there — if you're headed out on a cross-country road trip and plan on stopping in NYC, Times Square is an absolute must-visit. From the giant LED screens, to the cartoon characters, to the bright lights of Broadway, there's nothing more magical than experiencing Times Square for the first time.

Instagram pic idea: Posing on the red stairs. Duh.

Oxford Exchange — Tampa, Florida

I have to plug a spot for my hometown, because it's just so darn cute. Oxford Exchange is truly a spot to see and be seen in Tampa. It has a restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch during the week, in addition to weekend brunch and afternoon tea; a Buddy Brew coffee bar; a separate tea bar; a bookstore; a boutique for knick knacks and gifts; and even a Warby Parker, all inside this one magical building. The food is absolutely incredible, and the Instagram opportunities are endless.

Instagram pic idea: Posing with your coffee or tea in-hand against their gorgeous marble counters and floors.

French Quarter — New Orleans, Louisiana
Kristen Curette Hines/Stocksy

New Orleans' French Quarter is filled to the brim with Instagrammable opportunities. The streets are lively with bands and bright flashing neon signs, and the architecture is incredibly beautiful. Make sure you take a stroll down the iconic Bourbon Street, pick up beignets at Cafe Du Monde, and stop inside the voodoo stores for a fun, authentic NOLA experience.

Instagram pic idea: Dancing in the street alongside a live band.

Seven Magic Mountains — Las Vegas, Nevada

There are definitely a ton of spots to take pictures when you're in and around Las Vegas, but by far one of the most stunning places is Seven Magic Mountains. The rainbow-colored boulders in the middle of the sweeping Nevada desert is something truly special that you shouldn't pass up on if you're in the area.

Instagram pic idea: Posing in front of one of the towers. Or in front of three of them. You pick.