9 Things Only Dog Moms Know About Their Fur Baby With Just One Look


The bond between a dog mom and her fur baby is unlike any other. No matter what the world throws at you, you and your pooch will always be there for each other in an unspoken bond of friendship. There are things dog owners understand that non-pet parents will just never know (I recommend rescuing a fur baby of your own and, believe me, you'll get it).

No matter how much chaos ensues when you bring your pupper home for the first time, you'll be able to communicate through looks and unintelligible sounds before you know it. Your dog will know just what you mean with that long sigh as you surrender yourself to the couch after a long day of work. They'll be right by your side for kisses and cuddles because they love you.

Having a fur baby of your own is the adventure of a lifetime. You have a lifetime companion to turn to in times of need, and to laugh with (and at) several times a day. You have the best cuddle buddy you could ever ask for, and there will always be someone by your side to keep you up and active. You share secrets, jokes, and lots of snacks, so you can be sure that you and your pup have lots of knowing looks and mutual understandings. Here are nine things only dog moms can understand about their fur baby with one look.

When They Have To Go Outside

Whether it's with a sound or a look (or an accident), you just know when your pup needs to go potty. Their pee pattern tends to follow a schedule, so it'll get pretty predictable. Still, when your fur baby tends to wander toward the door or sniff around like they're on a mission, you better take some precautions and let your doggo outside.

When They're Guilty AF

Those puppy dog eyes can't hide the truth, but they sure can sugarcoat it. Whatever trouble your pooch got into seems to disappear when you see that guilty little face. Still, every pup needs to learn their manners, no matter how cute they may be.

If They Don't Approve Of Your New Guy

Let's be real, it's not going to work out if your dog doesn't approve of the guy you're dating. You don't care how cute or funny this new dude might be— if your furry companion says no, it's a no. Whether it's through nonstop barking or your pup's refusal to get anywhere near the guy you bring home, you should definitely be taking notes.

When It's Time To Play

When your dog looks a little more like a cat ready to pounce, it's probably time to grab a toy and start running. Once you're tuned in to your pup's body language, you'll be able to tell what's coming before your baby starts sprinting up and down the hallways. You'll have just a little bit of a warning so you can brace yourself for playtime.

When You Need To Scoot Over So They Can Be Comfy

When you're having a nice snuggle session, not much can get in the way of the sweetness of puppy love... except maybe when they start wiggling and kicking like you're hugging them too tight. Sometimes, dogs just need to be comfy at any cost, even if that means wriggling right out of your arms. If you're lucky, you'll get that "let me go right now" look from your pup before the struggle begins.

They Know How Cute They Are
Mat Hayward/Fotolia

Begging becomes seriously dangerous once your pooch learns how to use their cuteness to get what they want. They'll snuggle up all close, lay their head on your shoulder, and give you that look. That pleading, knowing look. It's pure torture.

When They Want To Share Your Food

When you're a pup parent, you never eat alone. Even if your fur baby just ate, or if you're eating something they can't have, you can bet they'll be up in your face wanting a bite. Even opening a bag of chips is dangerous territory; you'll know you're in for it when the head tilting begins.

When It's Time For Bed

You'll know when your pup is sleepy, but they'll be sure to let you know when they want to go to bed. They'll flop down like they can't stand any longer, look over at you longingly, and maybe even let out an exhausted sigh. Sure, they could go to bed themselves, but they want you to come, too.

They Know How Much You Love Them

Despite all of the mischief and drama of owning a pet, there will always be a bond of love between you and your fur baby. All the little things you do for your pooch do not go unnoticed, I promise. Your best fur friend knows just how much you love them, and they love you, too.