8 Borderline Bizarre Things Dog Moms Are Definitely Guilty Of Doing


Pet parents are known to do some pretty weird things, but when you love your fur baby more than life itself, how can you not? I can see why those who have never owned a pet might think of us dog moms as a little strange, though. Still, the bizarre things dog owners do are just as crazy as the strange things parents of children have to do, so who are they to judge?

It's difficult to understand the love of a dog until you've let one into your home. Once you do, you'll understand just how easy it is to fall in love with a pup that was meant to be yours. For me and my baby, it was love at first sight. I went from possible pet owner to devoted dog mom in minutes, even though he wasn't officially mine yet. By the time he arrived at his forever home, he had the fluffiest of beds and a box full of treats and toys waiting for him.

Pet parents, embrace your love for your fur baby. Not everyone will understand why you do the things you do, but it will make a world of difference to your dog. Don't be afraid to laugh at yourself and your quirky habits, because they're all done in the name of love. Here are just a few of those slightly bizarre things you'll definitely be guilty of if you're a true dog mom.

1. Matching With Your Dog

Some parents dress their entire family in matching outfits for photos and holidays, so why can't you do the same with your baby? It makes for the cutest pictures, and you're always a hit on Halloween. Plus, it's so cute that you can't resist trying it at least once.

2. Having Full-Length Conversations


I swear my dog can understand me. He may not be fluent in the human language, but somehow, he just knows. He'll let me rant without fear of being judged, and he knows exactly what to do when I've had a bad day.

3. Hand-feeding Your Baby

Every now and then your dog just won't go near their own food, but they'll go crazy begging for every last bite of yours. While the puppy dog eyes might work sometimes, you can't just switch meals. When you resort to hand-feeding, your pup probably thinks they're being fed your food, which makes it taste much better, obviously. Little do they know that they've been bamboozled once again by a smart pup parent.

4. Sharing Everything

Non-pet owners probably think it's gross that we share everything with our dogs, but when you look at that sweet furry face, how can you resist? It won't kill them to sleep on the same bed as their people or to have the last lick of yogurt. They are loved and are being treated as such.

5. Taking Way Too Many Pictures Of Your Fur Baby

There are two types of dog parents: those whose camera rolls are filled with pup pics, and those who lie. When your dog is so cute, it's impossible not to take a million photos (trust me, I've tried). Super devoted pet parents such as myself have set up Instagram accounts for their dogs, a few of which have just as many followers as a Hollywood star.

6. Being So Proud Every Time They Poop


Even though your baby has been potty trained for years, each poop is worthy of a celebration. Hey, it's not easy finding the perfect spot to do their business, which requires a lot of patience for both your dog and yourself. When it's done, you both deserve a pat on the back.

7. Giving A Goodbye Speech Every Time You Leave

There is no way in the world that I will leave the house without telling my dog that I love him and I'll be back soon. I will find him in his favorite hiding spot, wake him up, tell him that I'm just going to the grocery store, and let him fall back asleep before I leave as quietly as possible. I can't possibly let my baby wake up wondering where I am.

8. Melting A Little When They Fall Asleep On You

Pup cuddles are the best thing in the world, and anyone who tells you otherwise has clearly not experienced them. The only thing that beats cuddles is when your dog gets all comfy in your lap and falls fast asleep. That peaceful look on their little face is the highlight of any dog mom's day.