J Danielle Wehunt

14 People Talk About The Weird, Creepy Stuff They Do With Their Pets


It’s no secret that I hate animals. Yeah, yeah, get the pitchforks. See if I care.

I don’t get it. I don’t get pets. I don’t see the appeal. Sue me.

But I f*ck with animal lovers. Most of my friends like animals. I mean, I likely wouldn’t even have a squad if I straight up was like, "F*CK ALL YOU PEOPLE WITH ANIMALS." Because for whatever reason, y’all all have pets. You live your life, k?

I have seen people do some weird sh*t with their pets in my day, so I decided to do venture into the phenomenon. It should be noted that while I was gathering these tales, every single person started with a similar disclaimer:

And then every single person followed this with something WEIRD. It got freaky up in here.

People talk and sing to their animals like people.

-- Talia, 23

-- Eitan, 26

-- Emily, 25

-- Gillian, 24

People feed them like they’re people, which makes me feel weird.

-- Tamara, 26

They teach them to do people things. Like, just chill with a person.

-- Jim, 39

Full disclosure: This girl’s dog is the size of a person, and it scared me.

-- Nina, 26

I can’t.

-- Izabella, 23

Chooch deserves to be shamed, honestly.

-- Ari*, 23

People act like stuff like this is OK, and it isn’t OK.

-- Tina, 23

He went psycho because he’s a cat. Just sayin’.

-- Alexandra, 23

People treat animals like they are children.

-- Stacey, 30

And some people have pets that are celebrities.

-- Emily, 32

They even give them toys like they're children and not pets who don’t know what a toy is. Because they are pets, and not children.

-- Suzanne, 50

And then there is this.

-- Molly, 24

Let’s end with more talking-to-the-f*cking-pet-like-a-person.

-- Jennifer, 21

You are all freaks. Goodbye.

*Name has been changed.