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These 'The Queen's Gambit'-Inspired Gift Ideas Will Set You Up For A Major Win

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Who would have guessed that a miniseries about chess would be on everyone's must-watch list this year? Though, Netflix's The Queen's Gambit is more than just a show about a chess prodigy. The series has everyone talking, because of its gorgeous 1960s fashion, endearing relationships, and captivating drama. Basically, it has a little bit of something for everyone, which is why when it's time to start shopping this holiday season, you might want to consider The Queen's Gambit-inspired gift ideas.

Even if you've never played a game of chess before, you'll walk away from the series wanting to know more. There are so many Insta-worthy boards out there that could make wonderful presents for your Beth Harmon-loving bestie. You could also be inspired by the fashion and mid-century modern home decor, and gift your friends something to add to their closet or apartment living room. If you know someone who really wishes the seven-episode series was just a little bit longer, get them The Queen's Gambit novel that the show is based on to read.

There are plenty of shopping moves you could make, but any of these The Queen's Gambit-inspired gifts will set you up for a major win. So, go ahead and give yourself the crown as queen of the holiday season, because it's a checkmate here.

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A Beth Harmon-Inspired Dress

Perhaps you spent most of the series thinking to yourself, "I want that outfit." You wouldn't be alone. Beth Harmon had envious style with gorgeous dresses, cute sunglasses, and dreamy coats. Treat your fashionista bestie to some vintage-looking dresses from Unique Vintage that they could wear to your virtual New Year's Eve party this year.

'The Queen's Gambit' Novel To Revisit The Story

With only seven episodes, you probably finished the series in one weekend. Before rewatching on Netflix, get the novel that the show is based on. This can be a fun way to revisit the story of Beth without the judgment of your Netflix asking, "Are you still watching?"

'The Queen's Gambit' Wall Art For Their Living Room

You can always count on Etsy to have some wall art inspired by your favorite shows. Get your friend this poster to hang in their living room. It looks like a vintage chess magazine with Anya Taylor-Joy as Beth on the front.

A Beth Harmon Mug For Sippin' While Playing Speed Chess

Your friend can enjoy a cup of coffee from their brand-new Beth Harmon mug, while playing a few rounds of speed chess. This drawing of Beth is adorable, and the mug itself is both dishwasher- and microwave-safe. The only thing that will make this mug even better is if you put your best friend's favorite coffee beans inside when you wrap it all up.

This Gorgeous Chess Set For Playing And Decor

If The Queen's Gambit inspired your friend to finally learn how to play chess, you might want to get them a brand-new board. You could get them just a generic board, but why not go for something a little more Insta-worthy? This set from Urban Outfitters can be used for game night or just everyday decor in their home.

These Teal Curtains That Are Just Like Alma's

Give the gift of a Queen's Gambit home makeover by getting your friends some simple decor items. If the green curtains from the Wheatley house really stood out to you, get yourself some teal velvet curtains of your own. There are even evergreen velvet throw pillows to add to your couch to give it those mid-century modern vibes ($17,

Cheers To The Holidays With Some Martini Glasses

For a classy gift, get your friend some new martini glasses. They can pretend they're Alma enjoying a nice cocktail on the plane, or they're Beth sitting at the bar with Benny. To truly treat your friend, include a bottle of London dry gin (if they're 21 and up) to mix their very own martinis with ($48,

These Eye Pencils To Recreate Beth's Makeup Lewks

While Beth's style was always on point, she also had some iconic makeup #lewks as well. Get your makeup-loving bestie some colorful eye pencils, so they can recreate a few of them. The 1960s cat eye and under eyeliner look from the end of episode six is a definite must-try.

A Language Learning Subscription Of Their Choice

In the series, Beth takes Russian language classes so she's prepared to take on Borgov in a match. If your friend also has plans on traveling abroad one day, you should get them a Rosetta Stone subscription. That way, they'll be ready to travel like a pro and speak the language wherever they go.

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