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9 Texts To Send The Morning After A Date, So You Don't Lose Steam

by Ginny Hogan

Did you just go on an amazing date? I certainly hope so! The morning after a fabulous date, I always feel like I'm walking around in a trance (but a sexy one). I just want to relive the experience, but I'm also exhausted and need a large oat milk latte stat. But I'm always worried that the next date won't be able to live up to the standards set by this one. Fortunately, there are ways to make sure you keep up the momentum. If you're looking for texts to send the morning after a date, I got you covered.

Texting is my favorite form of communication. While I love going on dates (with the right person, so, in that sense, I don't actually love going on dates all that much), I love texting as well, and I feel like it's an awesome way to continue the chemistry that developed during the date. In many ways, I view the day after the date is a continuation of the date itself (plus I sleep over a lot — I have a twin bed, it's a whole thing), so I love to text flirty somethings throughout the day. If you're anything like me, you'll want to use your texting skills to keep up the charm factor, too!

Read on to find nine texts to send the morning after a date to avoid losing steam (BTW, you don't have to send all nine of them).

"Thinking Of You"

This is short and sweet but very clear. Depending on what type of date you went on (maybe you took a moonlit walk that lasted into the wee hours of the morning), you might be too overwhelmed with excitement to come up with a long one, and that's awesome.

"Last Night Was Amazing"

You may have said this to them at the end of the date, but there's no harm in reiterating. "Amazing" is a word that conveys a very clear point — you want to keep things moving.

"What'd You Have For Breakfast?"

This is a fun little non-sequitur to let them know you're just interested in hearing about their day, that's all. You think they're cool and cute and interesting, and you want to know if they had a bagel or cereal, NBD.

"I'm Falling Asleep At My Desk But No Regrets"

I don't know what you did last night, and I'm not going to take any guesses, but some of my sleepiest mornings have been following my most exciting nights. Try a text like this to let them know you think they're worth sacrificing some shut-eye.

"Did You Change Your Shirt?"

This is extremely succinct and flirty. It means you've got your eye on them, and you're not afraid to let them know.

"When Will I See You Again?"

Not everyone likes to text for too long (I do, but you don't have to). Maybe you just want to get straight to the point and plan the next amazing date!

"I Can't Stop Smiling"

Is anything more adorable than a smile? Let them know they're the cause of yours.

"Next Time We Should Get Dessert"

Maybe your date was amazing but ended too soon. Let them know you're up for round two, and this time, you'd like that cherry on top.

"I Think I Left My Charger At Your Apartment"

This is super flirty, and perfect for those dates where you spend the whole evening. Maybe you left your charger there, or maybe you just want an excuse to text, but this will keep the heat going either way.

The morning after a date CAN BE thrilling. You get to caffeinate (if you like to) and think about the marvelous evening (or afternoon or day) you just had. You don't want to lose steam following a fun date, so try one of these flirty texts to keep the ball rolling. And no matter what, enjoy that post-date glow! It looks good on everyone.