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9 Signals You Can Spot From Texting That Your Crush Is About To Ghost

by Ginny Hogan
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Dating can be really tricky — everyone is sending out different signals, and it can be a challenge to figure out what people mean. If you've been texting your crush recently, you might be trying to figure out what their intentions are. It's totally normal to analyze the meaning of texts (I've spent literal years on it, and I have no regrets). You may feel like your crush is pulling away, and if so, you may be looking for signals that your crush is about to ghost. Look no further — I've compiled a list of clues right here that will help you navigate the terrifying world of texting your crush.

There's a lot of information to be gained from how someone texts, but there's also a lot you still might not know, even after a text. Signals are just that — signals. They're not definite, and they don't tell you for sure that your crush is looking to ghost. Only you know the exact dynamic of the flirtation, so if your crush is putting off signals they're about to ghost but you feel sure they're sticking around, you don't have to panic. There are just hints that can be helpful to keep in mind when sailing the dating seas.

Read on to find nine hints that your crush may be about to ghost.

A Long Response Time

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If your crush is waiting several hours to text back, it just might be because they're gearing up to ghost. This doesn't have to be the case — not everyone is a fast texter. It's just a sign to be aware of, so you're prepared.


If you send your crush a funny text or cute meme, and they respond with a simple "LOL", that could be a sign. That's not to say "LOL" is a bad response under all circumstances, it just means your crush wanted to write something quick, and it's worth considering why.

No Questions

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Not everyone is a question-asker, but someone who typically asks a lot of questions might pull back as a sign that they're no longer interested in talking. If you ask your crush a text-question, and they respond without following up to ask about you, that's something to keep in mind if you're wondering whether or not they might ghost.

Vague Responses

I've texted guys before and received responses like "I'm good," and "cool." Not everyone likes to text out long responses (some prefer IRL for the real chats), but if you feel like someone is being deliberately vague, it could be a sign they plan on ghosting.

Fewer Messages

If your crush used to send you five texts in a row and now sends just one, they might be trying to slowly step back. However, they might also just be busy, so be sure to look at other signs as well before you conclude that they're ghosting.

Social Media Updates Before Texts

I've seen guys I like post Instagram stories before texting me back, and it drives me crazy. They know I look at their stories, so I always assume they're trying to send a signal, and honestly — sometimes they are. If someone posts on social media before responding to you, they might be losing interest.

Very Literal Answers

Whenever the texting dynamic shifts, it could mean a shift in their feelings. If you used to joke around with your crush over text but they've recently stopped getting silly with you, they might be sending a signal. There's nothing wrong with giving literal replies to texts, but if you know someone has a goofy side that they're now hiding, they may be pulling away.

No Follow-Up After Dates

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After a date, it can be normal for someone to send a text saying they had a good time (it's also totally normal not to, or to wait a few days). If your crush has done this in the past and then stops sending follow-ups, it could be because they're planning to ghost.

Only Responding To Questions

If you send an open-ended, non-question text to your crush and get no response, that might mean that they don't know what to say. Or it might mean they're looking for a way to end the text interaction, and not having a question to reply to is as good a reason as any.

Remember: These are all just hints that your crush might want to ghost — they're not definite signs. If you're talking to someone, and you think they could be ghosting, it's always OK to ask them directly. Open communication is a good way to ensure that you're on the same page. And if they are ghosting, well, honestly — it's their loss, and you'll find someone better!

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