9 Sober Date Ideas For Halloween 2019

As the autumn air catches its familiar brisk chill and the days get shorter, Halloween inches closer by the minute. One reason this season is so widely appreciated is because there are so many things to get out and do. Since there are so many activities connected this holiday, you can find tons of inspiration for sober date ideas for Halloween 2019. Date night certainly doesn't have to include drinks or bars, especially when there are so many activities to get into the spooky spirit of the season.

Many existing places in your town or city might be hosting festivities for Halloween that you could join in on. For instance, your local zoo or YMCA will likely be hosting Halloween events for the community. This could be a fun way to hand out candy to kids or wander the zoo as the sun sets into a spooky dusk. Checking out venues and establishments or your local library could be a great way to find Halloween fun that isn't centered around alcohol.

TBH, there's no time like the present to hop on a hayride with bae (but make sure you don't spill your hot apple cider in the process). Check out the following date ideas that will surely have you falling for each other this fall.

Visit A Pumpkin Patch

Honestly, few things scream Halloween more than pumpkin patches. You and bae can take an afternoon drive to a pumpkin patch in your area for a sweet date this year. They may also have fun features like corn mazes, sunflower fields, or even cider and donuts.

Seeing A Scary Movie At Midnight

You and your SO can head to the movies for Halloween this year for a spooky old time. There a few films on the scarier side debuting this October ,including The Joker, The Woman In The Window, and Zombieland 2. Some movie theaters will also have special showings of classic scary movies on the day of Oct. 31st.

Apple Picking

Apple picking is a great option for a lovely fall date. Apple orchards are usually beautiful and fairly big, which means you'll have plenty of time to wander around while holding hands. Who knows? You might even want to lock lips between the apple trees.

Handing Out Candy

Even though it may feel like you're fully past the age of Trick-Or-Treating, it can still make a great opportunity for a date. Consider putting together a cute couples costume and setting up in front of one of your houses to hand out candy.

Have A Spooky Potluck

If you're not really interested in a costume party because they're usually pretty alcohol-centric, there's still a way to celebrate with friends. You can host a daytime potluck for folks and encourage them to wear costumes. Everyone can also prepare spooky dishes like Frankenstein-themed avocado toast or ghost-like cupcakes.

Haunted House

Haunted houses are honestly such a fun date night. When I was growing up, the local haunted house attraction was a super popular date spot. What a great excuse to hold a crush's hand, right?

Ghost Stories Over A Bonfire

Another fun, more laid back, spooky date idea can be taking it to your backyard or local campground for a bonfire and sharing some scary stories.

Halloween Night At Local Amusement Park

Your local amusement park, like Six Flags or Cedar Point, will usually have a Halloween weekend at some point during October. Don those couples costumes and head out for some rollercoaster thrills.


If you don't live near an amusement park, you could look up the closest carnival near you. Fall is packed full of carnivals and festivals, so it's highly likely that there might be something of interest happening. You can pull together a couples costume based on iconic carnival couples, like Jules and Rue from Euphoria or Sandy and Danny from Grease.

Drive-In Night for Old Movies

This haunted holiday, pack up the car and head to a drive-in movie theater. You can deck your car out with pillows and blankets, and get cozy under the moonlight.

It seems like people are chomping at the bit for fall to arrive, and it makes sense, too. Here's to holding hands in pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and haunted houses!