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8 Sex Moves For Halloween 2019 That Feel Scarily Spooktacular

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Cue that Nat King Cole chorus, folks. No, it's not the holiday season, but it is the most wonderful of the year, IMHHOO (in my humble Halloween-obsessed opinion). Halloween is just around the corner and with it comes a chance to dip your toes into some good old-fashioned make-believe, dressing up, and telling spooky stories. If you want to carry that haunted energy all the way to the boudoir this year, why not try some of the most sultry sex moves for Halloween 2019? No matter the season, it can be really fun to experiment with different moves, positions, and role-play in the sack.

Although you may plan to get really freaky with it this Halloween, remember that it's always imperative to get your partner's enthusiastic consent. Additionally, discussing your sexual preferences with a partner before trying something new in bed can help you to get on the same page. Your talk could even allow you to take your sex life to new heights. Test out the following spooky moves after your annual Halloween party, on the night of a full moon, or even Friday the 13.

If you're ready for the season of the witch, check out the following sex moves.

Monster Mash

If you're craving a little spook in your step this season, the Monster Mash is the move for you. This position is all about going deep and not holding back. To accomplish this move, you should position yourselves in a way that allows for the deepest penetration with your fingers, a sex toy, or a penis. Additionally, try to be as vocal as possible without actually saying any words. The sounds you make might surprise or even spook you.

The Graveyard Smash

This move is all about speed and agility. Essentially, you and your SO should go at it until you can't anymore. The best position for going really fast is entering your partner from behind with a sex toy or a penis. Have them place both hands behind their back so you can hold them for support. By the time you both finish, you'll feel like you could sleep as long as the witches in Hocus Pocus.

The Jack-O-Lantern

One of the most important steps of carving a pumpkin is sticking your hand inside and getting all of the seeds out. Obviously, this isn't to be interpreted literally, but the act of inserting your whole hand into a pumpkin could serve as inspiration. This sex move is for those wanting to try something more hands-on. Fisting can be super hot when done safely and skillfully. Before you begin, talk to your partner about their sexual boundaries. Make sure to put lube on your hands and their vagina or anus, and start slowly with a finger or two.

Witch's Cauldron

What do Witches do best? Well, a lot, TBH. But one of their most remarkable talents is the way they brood and toil over their potions and cauldrons. You would do well to do the same for this spooky sex move. This position is all about fingering your partner's vagina or anus for a long time. Slather on some lube and do your best "come hither" motion with your fingers.

Trick Or Treat

That kind of clothes-ripped-off, just-inside-the-door, didn't-make-it-to-the-bed sex can be some of the best you've ever had. That intensity can come out of nowhere, or you can foster it with some sexy foreplay. This move is all about teasing your partner and making them beg for more.

The "Trick-Or-Treat" is a Choose Your Own Adventure sort of move. Simply ask your partner if they want a trick or treat. If they choose trick, you can preface sexy time with a striptease. And, if they choose "treat," you can start by going down on them immediately after you get home.

The Dracula

The neck is a pretty prominent erogenous zone and a great spot for some sensual kissing. Inspiration for this haunted sex move comes straight from the blood-sucking vampires, themselves. To accomplish this position, kiss your partner from their lips to their cheek to their chin, until you get to their neck. Then kiss and suck their neck while your hand (consensually) pulls their hair.

The Frankenstein

The Frankenstein is all about using the wall for support. Start by sticking your arms out in that classic position people associate with this monster. Then lean your hands against the wall while your partner goes down on you or you penetrate them from behind with a penis or a sex toy. Having the extra support can make you feel as strong as Mary Shelley's monster itself.

Halloween is such a sexy holiday. There are so many occasions to break out your hottest clothes for a makeshift costume. If you can reinvent yourself and become whoever you want to be for a night of partying, why not do the same with your sex life? These moves will definitely put the "Oo" in "Boo!"

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