Stop What You're Doing ASAP, Because These Small Dog Memes Deserve Your Attention

by Tessa Harvey

Where are all of my dog lovers at? Any dog parent can tell you that their fur baby is the most precious gem ever. I mean, dog people probably consider every pooch to be incredibly sweet — but our own dogs obviously take the cake. Of course, since they are so cute, we think essentially everything they do is meme-able. Between golden retrievers running through a field and snow dogs playing in a blizzard, big dogs have stolen the show — and they're pretty great at it. But, small dog memes deserve our undivided attention as well.

Small dogs may not take up the volume of large dogs, but they take up just as much space in our hearts. We love them even when they bark incessantly, and we especially love how we can take them pretty much anywhere with us. And I have to admit — they're great travel partners. End of story? Small and large dogs are the best. Therefore, even if you're more a big dog kind of person, you're bound to get a kick out of these little guys. They're feisty, they're lovable, and they're absolutely hilarious.

These nine memes are going to make any dog lover smile. Get ready for an ultra-boost to your day.

When You're Wearing Literally The Same Outfit As Your BFF
maitlynn_mosey on Twitter

This side-by-side comparison meme is seriously on point. These two pups are basically twins, and all it makes me think of is when you meet up with your bestie for coffee and she's literally wearing the same outfit as you. These adorable dogs reflect our feels.

This Pooch Is Literally All Of Us
deadros_es on Twitter

OK, raise of hands: Who was this dog in basically every single school photo? Yeah, pretty much same. I appreciate the honesty — and this pup's willingness to looks oh-so-silly. Nothing but love and support here.

When Someone Tells You The Homework Was Due Yesterday
kimmy_54123 on Twitter

This little guy is small and feisty. His attitude just might be double or triple his size, in my opinion. I know we've all made this same face throughout the day — most especially in class. Who can keep track of all of these assignments? OOPS. I need spring break, and I need it ASAP.

When You Need All The Energy
bullymake on Twitter

TBH, this dog represent me this past weekend. So much to do, and really so much motivation in my head. But IRL, that all fails me. Sometimes, even the water is too far to reach, you know? That's life, and this pup gets me on another level.

Work It, Pup
devilzsm on Twitter

You know when your friends ask you to go on an impromptu photoshoot and you pose your life out, feeling great? Well, this dog just showed all of us up. I feel like he has spent his life slaying it in front of the camera. Some pointers for the rest of us would be much-appreciated, pooch.

Major Intruder Alert
jokideo123 on Twitter

If you're the proud owner of a small doggo, you know that in between all of the snuggles — they're anything but scaredy cats. They're the best little watchdogs, and they act tough AF. If someone's coming in your house, they've got to go through your pup.

When No One Can Make You Do Anything
mlgcsminor on Twitter

If this dog isn't an accurate representation of all of us on our laziest of days, I don't know what is. These memes will seriously never grow old. Find me a meme purer than this one — I dare you.

This Might Be The Best Gift Ever
thekraushouse on Twitter

Many of us probably wish this is the gift we received on Valentine's day. Forget chocolates and flowers — all I really want is pizza and this adorable pup popping through the top of the box. Anyone else with me?

Don't Rush The Pampering Process
trenduso on Twitter

Getting ready is a process, OK? This little pug knows the struggle. When I say I'll be ready in five minutes, it'll almost always be 30 minutes (but also, please be ready — because if for some reason it is five, I want to go).