5 Dog & Owner Pajamas Meant For Your Lazy Sundays Chilling With The Fur Bae

Furry friends are the best and purest souls in anyone's life. Their little eyes are so kind and innocent, and they deserve the whole world, let alone our undivided attention. All pets are awesome, but there's just something about dogs that make you feel extra loved. Maybe it's the sloppy kisses or the undivided attention when you walk into the room, but they always make you know how much they love you (which is a lot). They're already cute, but why not get them some matching dog and owner pajamas for your pup to show off your fur-ball companion.

You can't really go wrong with a matching set with your pup when you're lounging around the house. Nowadays you can find shirts, headbands, and other goodies to be #twinning with your favorite doggo, but pajamas just add an extra level of cuteness that we really can't handle. And they'll be looking fly AF on your Instagram, too.

Of course you love to pamper your sweet fur baby, because who doesn't? And whether you want to splurge or not, there are a ton of matching PJ options for you and your boo (and you can actually buy full "family" sets for your human boo as well, if they want in on the fun). Some items to start your hunt are listed below.

Red Thermal PJs

Red Thermal Matching Human PJs, $25, FabDog

Red Thermal PJs (Dog), $25, FabDog

FabDog has been featured in a lot of places because of their high-quality human and dog PJs. Their collection is great! These thermal jammies seriously look comfy AF for lounging around the house, and will fit your doggo just perfectly. Plus, the little butt flap on your puppy's version? Priceless.

The Essential Flannel Jammies

Green Plaid Matching Human PJs, $25, FabDog

Green Plaid PJs (Dog), $25, FabDog

Another one from FabDog is the classic flannel print. They actually have a few different colors of this one, but the green one will work for anyone, and definitely makes you two look cool as hell.

The dog version goes full-out with cuffed sleeves, pockets, and a shirt collar. It's too cute to pass up.

Cozy Reindeer Onesies

North Pole Trading Co. One Piece Reindeer Family Pajamas-Women's, $29, JCPenny

North Pole Trading Co. Reindeer Family Pajamas-Pet, $12, JCPenny

If you love onesies (because of course we all do), then this one is for you. While Christmas has passed, it's still never a wrong time to dress up in animal onesie PJs, and in this case, the reindeer version comes in identical sets for you and your beloved pooch. It's more of a pajama for the human and a sweet costume for the puppy, but it makes for a cute photo opportunity.

Mix-And-Match Polar Bear Jammies
The Company Store

Women's 2-Piece Classic Pajama and Dogs' Sleepwear, $29 (human), $12 (dog), The Company Store

Another gem that makes their dog PJs cute as heck is this shop. The jammies button up and have little trims around the collar and the sleeves. And for the human PJs, you can either choose a classic set (aka, a patterned button up and cuffed pants), or you can go with the "Teen" option for a solid henley and cinched pants. Both are great and they all look hella comfy.

The Company Store
Custom BFF (Best Furry Friend) PJs
ThePittieShop / Etsy

Custom Fit Dog PJs, $39+, Etsy

Matching Owner Pajama Pants, $19+, Etsy

If you want a custom option, go with this one. You can choose any pattern or color option available in the human pants, and then choose the exact same in the doggy version. What's cool about this one is that even if you have a bigger dog, the pajamas will be a full suit for you pup. This way, you can both be head to toe (and tail) cozy.