9 Skincare Sticks Under $30 That Will Make Your Skin & Beauty Cabinet Look Fresh AF

One of my New Year's intentions is to streamline and organize my life, starting with the things I own and surround myself with. (Someone's been watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, eh?) The below skincare sticks under $30 will help me do just that thanks to the fact that they're no-mess and can be stored away neatly and tidily. Skincare that won't turn your medicine cabinet into a jumbled mess of busted tubes and leaky pump top bottles? Sounds like my idea of heaven.

Whether you're seeking something to cleanse, exfoliate, brighten, tone, hydrate, or calm, there's a stick for that. Thanks to a recent boom in popularity, products housed in cylindrical form are easier than ever to find and what they gain in convenience they don't lose in effectiveness. Excellent brands like Milk Makeup, Supergoop!, Philosophy, Ilia, Dr. Brandt, and Julep are all putting out their own stick products, so you know they're legitimately good. If you're a newly minted neat freak like me, an avid carry-on only traveler (I bow to you), or simply someone who loves trying out new products, this is a beauty trend you definitely don't want to miss out on.

Try out one of the nine stick skincare products below and enjoy your new life of ease.

Here Comes The Sun

Sunscreen is one of the most important parts of skincare for reasons that you've definitely already been primed on by your mom, your derm, and your favorite beauty site. This sunscreen stick boasts glow-boosting hydration along with SPF 50 UV protection—keep it in your purse at all times in case of an extra sunny day.

Tea Time

This cleansing stick exfoliates via fragments of actual green tea leaves and also leaves skin moisturized thanks to a blend of coconut oil, green tea oil, camellia oil, and olive oil. If natural beauty is your thing, add this to your arsenal.

That's Juicy

At $5.50, you can't beat the price of this stick. But the fact that it's made with 100 percent natural coconut oil makes its formula top-notch, too.

Eye Love You

This slim stick is basically your secret weapon against under eye dark circles and puffiness. It contains brightening caffeine and pea peptides, so swipe it on after a long night out and get on with your day in slightly brighter fashion.

Happy Face

Oily skin, be gone! This cleansing stick removes excess oil and impurities via rice bran oil and also exfoliates the skin with natural pomegranate enzymes. The best part? It smells amazing.

Take That Tone

Yes, this stick looks cool AF, but it's also incredibly effective. It purifies pores post-cleanse thanks to ingredients including kombucha and witch hazel, and detoxifies via matcha green tea. It also contains organic cactus elixir, which calms and hydrates, meaning it's an ideal everyday product.

Triple Threat

Meant for oily, dull, and uneven skin, this three-in-one stick purifies pores, scrubs away dullness, and thoroughly cleanses.

Bye, Bye Dry

This stick is meant to be used anywhere on your body, meaning it can replace that annoying tube of cream that's busted in your purse twice. It boasts a 99 percent natural formula featuring aloe water—would you expect anything less from Burt?

Bear With Me

Adorable? Yes. A must-have? Even more so. This is another stick that will cool and calm your under eyes and help combat dark circles, and it's made with Iceland mineral water.