9 Second Anniversary Instagram Captions That Perfectly Express Your Long-Term Love

by Annie Foskett

It's widely accepted that a first anniversary is an occasion worthy of celebrating. You've managed to make it an entire year with another human by your side, and by default, you're now in "serious" territory. You and your partner probably plan a nice dinner to congratulate yourselves, as you should. But when your two-year anniversary rolls around, you might not remember to plan anything, not even a second anniversary Instagram caption — it somehow feels like momentous. "Two years? Cool, no big deal."

But I think that second anniversaries are wildly underrated: you've doubled the amount of time you've spent together since your first anniversary. You've gone from 12 months to 24 months, and that's a giant accomplishment. Plus, the second year of a relationship is typically less "ponies and rainbows" than the first year — you're not caught up in puppy love, you're doing the damn thing for real.

All of that said, let's be real: the second wedding anniversary gift is "cotton." And while your milestone certainly deserves some Instattention, it's, um, awfully hard to come up with a cutesy cotton-themed joke. If you plan to post an Instagram for your second anniversary, I say keep it light and stacked with humor. It’s a science: you can be sweet and salty at the same time. (Just ask chocolate covered pretzels). Here are my suggestions for the semi-big two years.

“Look, Ma, I made it two years in a relationship!”

For the serially single person, who is now in a long-term relationship. Add a heart emoji if you feel this is too glib, but I promise that if this accompanies an adorable candid of you and bae canoodling, it'll go over well in the likes department.

2. “Props to this one for putting up with me for two whole years.”

Let's call this classic instead of trite — a good amount of self-deprecation compensates for the gushy-mush you’re putting on the internet by posting about hitting the two-year mark before you've even wedded. Your resident love-curmudgeon approves.

3. “Celebrating our Associate's Degree in Relationship.”

Because associates degrees take two years, and Instagram captions don’t always have to be supremely brilliant!

The Heart Emoji

Take a page from celebrity relationship posts and get super cryptic with a single heart and no mention of the actual milestone. Want to get real edgy with it? Make it a black heart! Or just the clinking champagne glass emoji! (Though if you do the latter, you should anticipate a bunch of “Are you engaged?” texts.)

“Two years, one couple.”

Or should I say cup-ple? Just add a poo emoji and people will definitely know you and your partner don’t take things too seriously! (Except your love, of course, because you'll be so adorable in the photo and all.)

“Here for a good time AND a long time.”

The OG of OG Instagram moves: take a Drake lyric and adjust it to match your photo. You can hashtag “two” or add an emoji “2” but let’s be real, only you and your partner really need to know how long its been. What would Drake do?

“Kanye left Twitter for shorter than we’ve been dating.”

Topical references garner likes, and let’s be real, we all love likes. Also, I'd like to state that the time that Kanye’s been back on the blue bird feels longer than the amount of time he left it, so there's that.

“Things that take two years: elephant gestation, business school, and finally posting a picture with this one.”

For the couple who has yet to post on Instagram two years in, which I think is classy and restrained AF. You can also rewrite the end of this caption to fit your particular situation. (To be technical: elephant gestation takes 22 months, but close enough.)

"Two years, two beers!"

This caption only works if you and your partner both drink beer, and happen to be double-fisting in the photo you post. Or, on second thought, you could just be cheers-ing two beers together, one each. (I like beer, sue me.) Happy two years!