9 Rejection Texts To Send On Insta DM That Won't Get You Unfollowed

by Ginny Hogan
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Have you ever had someone slide into your Instagram DMs? I can say with certainty that a few guys might have twisted their ankles with how much they've been sliding into mine. If you've been getting some people you're not interested in responding to your stories — or just sending a regular direct message — asking you to hang, you may be looking for some rejection texts to send on Instagram DM. Fortunately, you never have to be mean to someone who's asking you out (unless they're being inappropriate and you feel like you'd like to, in which case, go ahead), and I've crafted a set of rejections that are as polite and clear as possible.

It can be disconcerting to receive an Instagram DM. I personally have been feeling like I'm getting messages from way too many places — Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and, occasionally, even text messages (retro, right?). I don't love that people I don't know can contact me, but I also create content that I want the world to see, and you might be doing the same. Whether your DM is coming from someone you know or someone you've never met, I got you covered when it comes to sending a nice let-down message. Also remember that if you don't know someone (or even if you do), it's always OK to ignore an Instagram message.

Read on to find nine rejections to send over Insta, because a little guidance never hurt.

"Thanks For Complimenting My Content, Unfortunately..."

If someone seems like a genuine fan, there's no harm in thanking them. You may or may not want people you don't know to see your content, but if you do, you can politely thank them for their kind words, and then let them know you're not interested.

"I Appreciate The Follow, But I Don't Go Out With People I Haven't Met"

If someone follows you, they may think of you following back or accepting their request as an expression of interest. Everyone has their own rules about social media, and if you feel like the two of you aren't on the same page because you haven't met, then let them know.

"Unfortunately, I'm Not Exactly The Same Person IRL As I Am Online"
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This is great for someone you might not know very well in person (or at all), who has been commenting kind things on your photos or responding to your stories for months. I've been in this situation before, where someone thinks they know me because of my content, but I'm actually not at all who I seem to be. You're not obligated to be yourself online, and if someone is interested only in your Insta persona, you're more than welcome to explain that it's not the real you.

"The Person In The Photo Is Actually My Partner"

Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn't have an option to specify that you're in a relationship. Therefore, they might not realize, so it can be helpful to just let them know it's not their fault (unless you think they've been rude), but you're already seeing someone.

"I'm Not Really Looking To Date Right Now, But Thank You"

This works on all messaging apps. If you don't want to go out with someone for any reason, it's totally fine to just say you're not looking right now. It doesn't have to be true — it's polite, simple, and clear. Everything you need in a rejection.

"I Can Actually Recommend Some Dating Apps That Might Be Better For Meeting People"
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No matter what other people say, Instagram is not a dating app. That doesn't mean you can't use it to date, it just means not everyone on the app has come there in the hopes of meeting someone new, and this is a very important distinction. If someone seems convinced that Instagram is the right place to meet new people, it's absolutely OK to let them know there are better dating apps out there.

"I'm Sorry, I Don't Think We'd Be A Good Match"

This one works beyond just Instagram, but there's a lot you can tell about someone from their online presence. If someone's Insta makes them seem like they're not the person for you, don't be afraid to use this one. After all, they've decided to both put that information online and ask you out, so they must assume you're going to be looking at it.

"I'd Love To Hang Out As Friends"

You can make your own rules for Insta — maybe someone seems cool, but if you've never met, you want to do a friends-only hangout first. Just let them know that this is what you're looking for, rather than a date, and you can basically "soft-reject" them (they won't expect a date for now, but it's not off the table entirely). If you actually are interested in being friends, I'd recommend this line.

"Sorry, I Don't Date Below 100 Followers"

This one is for when you're in the mood to be mean. Its 99.9% a joke, and I wouldn't advise it all the time, but for the person who's been asking you out repeatedly and inappropriately for months, give it a shot (or just block them — you're always allowed).

The first few times someone I didn't know messaged me on Instagram, I was terrified (well, OK, I felt a little bit famous, but then I was terrified). Maybe you know someone well and they've chosen Instagram as their way to ask you out, or maybe you've only met them once, but in lieu of getting your number, they found you on Insta. Maybe you haven't ever met them — everyone has rules about whether or not they think it's OK to ask out a stranger online. Regardless of your own personal thoughts on Instagram, you don't ever go out with someone you don't want to, so try one of these nine rejections to end the conversation (at least, the romantic part). And enjoy Insta — it's supposed to be fun!

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