9 Reasons Hookup Culture Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be

by Ginny Hogan

A lot of people enjoy hookup culture, but that doesn't mean it's for everyone. Personally, I participated in hookup culture in college, and I had mixed feelings. While I definitely enjoyed frequenting the 24-hour froyo place (self-serve, my sometimes nemesis) with my "friend for the evening", I missed being in a stable relationship. Even though hookup culture is perfectly healthy, as long as everyone is being respectful of everyone else, there's nothing wrong with not liking it. There are be reasons hookup culture isn't all that, and it's totally normal if it's not your favorite.

Hookup culture comes with its fair share of downsides. Sure, if you're watching Riverdale, you may think it seems fun, but if you're watching Grey's Anatomy, you might think "get out of the on-call room and stitch those people up, their terminal illness aren't going to magically cure themselves before the commercial break!" Not everyone enjoys hookup culture, and if you've never wanted to partake in it, that's totally normal. Any sort of sexual activity needs to be something you truly want to do and consensual, and if you don't like to engage in casual hookups, you're not alone.

Read on to find nine reasons hookup culture isn't everything it's cracked up to be.

1.Late Nights

Have you been staying out late meeting new people and participating in fun hookups? After too many late nights in a row, getting to class or work the next morning could be a real drag. Yeah, I'll take an extra shot (of espresso).

Fewer Stable Relationships

Do you miss the comfort of a stable relationship? Having someone to watch The Good Wife with for seven nights in a row? Hookup culture lets you meet tons of people, but maybe a stable relationship is what you're after, and that's totally fun too.

Friendship Troubles

Are you eskimo sisters with your BFF? That can be totally normal, but it can also create tension. There's nothing wrong with hooking up with new people (as long as they want to as well), but in hookup culture, you may find yourself sharing more than just Halo Top with your best friend, and this could be a recipe for drama (although it definitely doesn't have to be).


Hookup culture can increase your risk of STDs. Of course, you can combat the risk of STDs by being careful about safe sex and communicating with your partner beforehand, so be sure to talk about risk factors and use protection!

Phone Number Mix-Ups

Did you just text the wrong "Jason Tinder"? I know I have before, and it's so embarrassing. Sometimes, when I find myself overwhelmed with Chads, I wonder if hookup culture is really all that.

Missing Someone's Best Side

When you know someone only as a hookup, you only know one part of them. Even if you're not looking for anything serious, you might get to know people as one-night stands rather than as potential friends. This can be OK, but it can also lead to you missing out on a potential friend.

Confused Intentions

Hookups are a lot of fun, but not everyone goes in with the same intention. Be clear up top if you just want a casual hookup, or else you might run the risk of upsetting someone. A lot of people participate in hookup culture, and some of those people might be looking for different things.

Pressure To Drink

Are you trying to drink less? That can be difficult if you're partaking in hookup culture, because the alcohol may act as a social lubricant or you may be going to bars and parties to meet new potential hookups. Of course, you don't have to drink to hookup with people ever or to have a fun time at a party, so don't be afraid to participate in casual hookups sober (if you want casual hookups in general).

Money Money Money

You know what costs money? Going out to meet new people. You know what's cheap? My mom's Netflix account. Hookup culture can put pressure in your bank account, so be sure to budget.

Hookup culture can be fun if that's what you're interested in. If you're having a blast with it, keep going! But if you don't love hookup culture, that's very understandable, because there are a lot of downsides to it. So, if you want a break from hookup culture or don't want to to participate at all, spend an evening out with your friends just having a good time, and remember that there are a million ways to have fun.