9 Questions 'Euphoria' Season 2 Needs To Answer

by Dylan Kickham

If you just watched the Euphoria Season 1 finale, then you probably have a lot of questions right now. HBO's teen drama ended its debut season with a multitude of cliffhangers on Sunday night, but thankfully, the hit show has already been renewed for a second season that promises to tie up all those loose ends. With Season 2 likely not arriving until sometime next year at the earliest, fans have a lot of time to stew over all the questions Euphoria Season 2 needs to answer. After that revelation-filled, time-hopping Season 1 finale, there are a lot of things that fans need clarity about.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Season 1 finale of Euphoria. There is no word yet on when Euphoria Season 2 may premiere or any details on what it may center on, but all of the major questions fans still have from Season 1 are a good place to start.

1. Is Rue dead?

This is, without a doubt, the most pressing question from the Season 1 finale. Although the episode keeps things unclear, many fans think that the season's final scene — which shows Rue hugging her dead father and falling into a pile of bodies after a drug relapse — is an indication that she may have died from an overdose after her relapse. Other fans argue that the scene merely shows Rue hallucinating as she returns to her drug habit to cope with Jules leaving. Of course, the answer to this question will be immediately evident in Season 2, but even if Rue is still alive, she will likely not be in a good place when the new season picks up.

2. Will Fezco get shot?

Another character whose life is in question is Fez, who was forced to rob a wealthy doctor in order to repay his debt to the drug lord Mouse. But it turns out the doctor he robbed was actually Mouse's drug provider, and Mouse noticed a blood stain on the money that Fez handed over. Things do not look so great for Fez heading into next season.

3. Is Jules gone for good?

In the penultimate episode of the season, Jules escaped to the city and bonded with a group of like-minded people, even hooking up with a woman named Anna. Jules made her love for her experiences in the city very well known in the season finale, leading Rue to suggest that they run off to the city together. But at the very last minute, Rue changes her mind and Jules rides off to the city without her. The big question concerning Jules in the new season is whether she will be staying in the city, possibly dating Anna, or whether she will return to see her father and Rue again.

4. What will Maddy do with Nate's DVD?

One of the most potentially game-changing moments from the finale was Maddy grabbing a DVD in Nate's room before storming out of his house. The DVD most likely contains the footage of Nate's dad Cal hooking up with Jules, which is a bombshell piece of information. Now that Maddy has that footage, she could either ruin the Jacobs family or blackmail Nate or his dad into something.

5. What caused Nate's panic attack?

The most jarring scene in the finale was Nate's dad Cal pinning his son to the ground as Nate began to scream ferociously and slam his head against the floor. There are a lot of theories as to what caused Nate's unexpected panic attack, ranging from his confusion about his sexuality to his father possibly abusing him. This is something that should definitely be explored in Season 2.

6. Does Nate have a second brother?

This is one of the questions that fans were hoping may be answered in the Season 1 finale, but the episode did not touch on it. In the series premiere, the Jacobs' family portrait shows three boys in the family, but so far Euphoria has only introduced us to Nate and his older brother Aaron. Will Season 2 introduce this hidden brother, or even more surprisingly, is it someone we have already met?


7. Will Lexi profess her love for Rue?

Euphoria fans have been picking up on some possibly romantic vibes between Lexi and Rue for much of Season 1, and the finale seemed to tease that Lexi's feelings for Rue will finally come out in the next season. While at the dance, Lexi tells Cassie that she has resolved to speak her truth to the person that she loves. This person is not named, but Rue feels like the obvious guess, so will Lexi follow through on her promise, and if so then how will it affect things between Rue and Jules?

8. Will Kat and Ethan finally be together?

One of the only uplifting parts of the Season 1 finale was Kat and Ethan finally clearing the air about all the misunderstandings that have kept them apart. The two kissed and appeared to start a relationship together, but will the romance last throughout the new season, or could Kat's secret cam-girl hobby get in the way?

9. Who is Kat's sketchy webcam guy?

Speaking of Kat's side hustle, there is also still the big mystery of who the anonymous person paying Kat tons of money for unsettling private shows might be. The mystery person bought Kat's entire Amazon wishlist to get a private show from her, but kept his camera off the whole time and sent her some disturbing messages that she was clearly not comfortable with. It seems like this person could become a threat to Kat in the upcoming season.