Every 'Euphoria' Fan Is Asking This 1 Question About Rue After That Shocking Finale


It should come as no surprise that the Season 1 finale of Euphoria completely shocked everyone who watched it on Sunday night. The HBO teen drama had been building up to an explosive finale since its premiere back in June, but nobody predicted what went down in the final moments of the season. In an episode filled with cliffhangers, the biggest question the fandom is trying to figure out right now is: Did Rue die in the Euphoria Season 1 finale? The ending left things unclear, but some fans think there were enough hints in the season's final episode to confirm a major twist.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the Season 1 finale of Euphoria. The long-awaited final episode of Euphoria's first season was packed with cliffhangers, which will undoubtedly set up the major storylines for the already-picked-up Season 2. The episode saw Kat and Ethan finally ending up together, Lexi revealing she is in love with a mysterious someone, Fezco facing an uncertain fate after giving his dealer blood-stained money, Nate unleashing a self-harming panic attack during a physical altercation with his father, and Maddy nabbing a DVD from Nate's room, which is most likely the recording of Nate's father having sex with Jules. As if all that wasn't enough, the biggest twist of the finale was Rue deciding at the last minute not to run off to the city with Jules, instead goin home and relapsing by taking cocaine.

The scene that ends the episode went in a more artistic than literal direction, which leaves the ending completely unclear. After her relapse, fans saw Rue stumble across her home while singing the surprise-release Zendaya song "All For Us." During the musical number, Rue interacted with her mom and sister, but neither seemed to notice her. However, she also saw her dead father and the two shared an embrace before Rue finished the song outside with a gospel choir. The interactions in that scene suggested to some fans that Rue may have overdosed and died, and may now be a spirit entering the afterlife.

The end of the scene also has viewers guessing Rue may have died because it showed Rue falling off of a pile of bodies. The whole musical scene is depicted in the newly released music video for Zendaya and Labrinth's song "All For Us," which you can watch below:

The ending also left fans questioning the scene that was interspersed throughout the episode, in which Rue's mom gave an emotional speech about her daughter in front of a crowd. Initially, it looked like the speech was at an event to celebrate Rue's sobriety, but after the possible hints about Rue's death and all the time-jumping in the finale, some fans think they may have actually been watching Rue's mom deliver a eulogy for her daughter.

While some fans are positive Rue died in that finale, there are just as many who think the final scene simply depicted Rue turning back to drugs after having to say goodbye to Jules, and that Rue will be alive (although no longer sober) in the next season. Adding fuel to this theory is the supposition that Euphoria would probably want to avoid killing off its main character (who is played by the show's biggest-name actor) after getting picked up for a second season. Then again, the show is airing on the same network that shocked viewers by doing just that with Ned Stark on Game of Thrones, so who knows what will happen?

With such an unclear ending, it looks like Euphoria fans are just going to have to keep debating what really happened in that finale until they finally get more details about Season 2.