'Euphoria' Fans Are All Asking This Big Question About Lexi & Rue


Euphoria just hit fans with about a million cliffhangers in its Season 1 finale on Sunday night, so now everyone in the fandom is theorizing about what is going to go down in Season 2. While most of the big shockers involved main characters, one possible revelation in the finale may be teasing a much bigger role next season for a character who, so far, has stayed on the sidelines. Fans have wondered whether Lexi is in love with Rue for a while now, and one moment in the season finale may have confirmed that relationship will be explored in the future.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers for the Euphoria Season 1 finale. Love may not have necessarily been in the air during the final episode of Euphoria's first season, but there were hints of new romances to come. While most of the cliffhangers were downright depressing — Nate self-harming in a panic attack, Fezco facing the wrath of his dealer, Rue relapsing after deciding not to skip town with Jules — there were a couple hopeful moments. One came when Kat and Ethan finally got together after clearly liking each other all season, and the other lovey-dovey moment came when a drunk Lexi asked her sister Cassie for advice on admitting she loves someone. After a quick sisterly chat, Lexi resolved that she was going to profess her love to this mystery person... but the episode ended before fans saw who Lexi's person of interest could be.

It does not seem like too big a mystery, though, since most Euphoria fans have already picked up on a possibly romantic vibe between Lexi and her bestie Rue in previous episodes. A flashback earlier in the series revealed Rue was Lexi's first kiss, albeit a strictly research-based one to prepare her for a date. Viewers have also noted Lexi acted increasingly upset and jealous as Rue's relationship with Jules developed, appearing to be heartbroken when Rue's sister Gia told her at the carnival she thinks Rue may be in love with Jules.


Now that the finale has given fans this scene of Lexi confessing her love for a mysterious someone, pretty much every viewer is betting Lexi will admit her true feelings for Rue in Season 2. Although nothing is official yet, Euphoria fans have been theorizing about Lexi and Rue for a while now, and a bunch of fans on Twitter are already shipping them.

So, what could all this speculation mean for Season 2? Well, since Jules left town in the finale, Rue is seemingly single now. Of course, that does not mean that Lexi's feelings for Rue will be reciprocated, but it does sound like Lexi is going to tell her bestie how she really feels. There is a chance Rue and Lexi could start something in the next season, but the one thing that does seem clear is that Lexi will be playing a bigger part in the new season, as opposed to being a side character in Season 1. Maybe she will finally even get her own Lexi-centric episode.