9 Pictures To Send Your Hookup On Valentine’s Day, Because A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

For some odd reason, most stores still don't sell Valentine's Day cards for your casual hookup or FWB. When you have a steady make out buddy or a running booty call, it can be hard to know the appropriate way to ring in Feb. 14. If you're balling on a budget or just trying to keep it low-key — sending sexy, sultry, or even cutesy pictures to send your hookup on Valentine’s Day can be the perfect balance of thoughtful, flirty, and yet totally chill.

Celebrating Valentine's when you haven't DTR can be everything from silly to stressful. If you've been hit by Cupid's arrow, but are still keeping it #casual, Feb. 14 can be a day to turn up the heat. Of course, if you and your boo haven't ventured into swapping sexy snaps, you may want to ease your way in. Talking in person about the role of sexy texting can help establish healthy boundaries to keep everyone feeling sexy and safe. Being clear with yourself and your boo on your intentions in sending flirty photos can keep the lines of conversation open as you feel yourself.

Here are nine ideas of Valentine's Day photos to send your hookup, because a picture is worth 1,000 words.

Give A Taste

Sending a flirty pic of your backside in the mirror or a selfie with a bare shoulder showing can be a cute way to temp and tease, without going full nudie. (Which is totally a thing too if that's what you're into.) Sending with a caption like, "I'll give you your present in person" can set the stage for a steamy Valentine's date.

Send A Furry Friend
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If you, your roommate, your neighbor, or someone around you has a pet, snap a cute pic and consider send along, "[Pet's name] is wondering when you're coming over tonight?" It's like the chill version of proposing by tying the ring to a collar, and also packs in the awww factor.

Show Your Undies
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If you're debating between which sexy lingerie to wear, send along a picture of the options laid out on your bed and tell your boo to choose. Of course, you can modify this with sending pics of your outer clothes too or even sending pics of you modeling the options. Letting your hookup choose can set a sexy tone for when you see them later.

Sweatpants, Hair Tied, Chillin' With No Makeup On

If you and your boo are keeping it casual, it's totally hot to send a casual pic of you living your best life. Send a snap of you all dressed down and just hanging out with your hair up and your yoga pants on, à la Drake. Of course, if you are a makeup diva and big time fashionista, sending a pic of you in your lewk for the day may be more your style. It may sound cheesy, but sending a pic of you may be the sexiest thing ever.

Post-Shower Selfie
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If you've just scrubbed yourself down, snap a selfie of you in your towel or still dripping wet to your hookup. Something like, I just got clean but I can get dirty again tonight" or "Maybe when you come over later we can hop in the shower together" can send a sudsy and sexy message. If you have a fancy waterproof phone, or if you like to take MacBook Photo Booth selfies of you in the tub (me), a mid shower snap is hot too.

Contraceptives, Lube, Or Toys
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If you're picking up some contraceptives or lube, or thinking about what toys or sex tech devices you want to use with your boo on V-Day, send them a pic. This can be both informative and sexy, and can get the ball rolling for some sexy texting about what you want to do with each other when you get together. This also can be a good time to open up a conversation around trying new sexual positions, STI testings and contraceptives, or any other topics that can sometimes feel awkward to dive into in person. Starting the conversation via text can make it easier to fully discuss in person (and in bed.)

Make Their Fantasies Into Realities
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If you know your hookup always wants you to wear your hair down or has a thing for dressing up, Valentine's Day can be the time to make their fantasy a reality. Of course, if it's something you're also totally into and excited to try. No holiday is an excuse to do something umcomfy. Sending a pic of you in a sexy outfit you've always talked about can be a sexy way to venture into roleplaying or switching things up a little bit. Sending along a sexy message that you'll see them later, something on brand with your outfit, or something new you want to try with them later can add to the anticipation.

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If you want to send a whole body shot but don't have someone in your life you feel you can ask, take a self timer picture. You can get your whole body in the shot, clothed or unclothed (depending your mood and comfort level). Rather than a selfie or a partial shot of your rockin' bod, take a full length pic that captures all of you. Bonus: self-timer pics are also ideal if you want to hold something.

Send An Inside Thing
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Maybe your boo has always complimented a certain pair of undies or you know they get off when you wear their sweatshirt. What's called a "callback" in comedy, means a reference to a joke or sentiment that was already made. Sending a callback type of picture on V-Day, or a reference to something sweet between you and your boo, like an inside joke or sentiment, can be sweet and sexy, but still mellow. Maybe they always joke about your cooking skills or how you drink too much coffee. Sending something cute and sentimental can be thoughtful, while still playful.

If you're thinking of the perfect thing to get your non-partner for Valentine's Day, a sexy pic may be just the present. It's free, easy, and you can even re-gift it later — if you're really feeling yourself.