9 Photos Of New Year's Eve Weddings That'll Make Your Jaw Drop

Alright, it's time to spill the tea: New Year's Eve weddings are vastly underrated, and it's time we did something to change that. A lot of people seem to have a lot of things to say about holiday weddings. You know... you're interrupting someone else's holiday, it's excessive, prices are higher, people are busy... etc. And OK, yeah, maybe there's some truth in that. But also, you gotta admit, ringing in your wedding and the new year in the same night with your SO and your closest family and friends is a pretty bomb New Year's Eve party. You'll never top that.

So forget what you've been told, because minds are meant to be changed. Maybe you don't want your own new year's wedding bash, but after this, you'll definitely be open to attending one in the future. Two words for you: free plans. At the very least, your New Year's Eve plans are basically covered (and if there's an open bar, you just got lucky).

Just think of the possibilities. Your wedding could be actual Pinterest goals: fireworks, countdowns, the whole package. In fact, some couple have achieved Pinterest-level wedding inspiration. These 10 pictures of New Year's Eve weddings will make it hard for you want anything else. You've been warned.

Embrace The Full Glamour
vogueaustralia on Twitter

How in love and happy does this gorgeous couple look? I love that they fully embraced the New Year's Eve spirit with her golden, glitzy, show-stopping wedding gown. You don't need white to make a statement.

A Night Under The Stars
excelfleetlimo on Twitter

As if you needed another reason to get on board, New Year's Eve weddings are the perfect time for skyline portraits and photo sessions. The cityscapes are lit up against the cold night sky, but you and your SO have each other to keep warm (or something equally as cheesy).

A Cake To Match The Night
bridalguidemag on Twitter

You can't have a good wedding without a cake to match, if you ask me. This wedding cake delivers on everything a good winter wedding cake should. There are berry red colors, snow-like powdered sugar, and the perfect New Year's Eve cake topper.

Bring On All The Magical Feels
romanticwedd on Twitter

A New Year's Eve wedding is as full of romance for a wedding as you can ask for. You're jumping into your lives together, and you're jumping into a new year. As such, it's important to up the magical drama. This couple's use of lighting is the perfect touch.

A Showstopping Event
kitsapcc on Twitter

You can't do New Year's Eve without classic fireworks, so of course you can't do a NYE wedding without them, either. They make the perfect background accent on this couple's photo, don't you think?

Don't Shy Away From The Winter Golds
afreemanevents on Twitter

When it comes down to the details, every little placement counts. This couple's use of winter golds and snowy details pulls in equal amounts New Year's Eve party and winter wonderland, aka the winning combination for a holiday wedding.

Keeping Warm Can Look Good
hollyhock_lane on Twitter

When it comes to a New Year's Eve wedding, it's going to be cold. Once you get over that, you can really play up the details. These mink shoulder capes are a standout statement from the abundance of summer weddings. And no one's bothered by the monochrome scheme, because in winter that works.

It'll Be A Party To Remember
donnitouch on Twitter

If you and your SO are the type who love a good party, a New Year's Eve wedding is probably the wedding for you. Everyone's ready to have a good time, and there's no reason you can't go all out with the cheesy props. Top hats and a photo booth? Bring it on.

All Fun And Games
genoveseashford on Twitter

The best part about a New Year's Eve wedding is that you really can't go wrong. It's your day, even if you do share it with the birth of a new year. Make it special for the two of you, and it doesn't matter what day of the year it is.