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9 Period Sex Moves That Minimize The Mess & Maximize The Magic


Let's get one thing straight: Having your period in no way means you don't want to get frisky. In fact, just hearing about these period sex moves that minimize the mess and maximize the magic will have you counting down the days until your next cycle. Sure, you're wearing your oldest sweatpants and your Garfield T-shirt that reads, "I hate Mondays." Yes, you just took two Midol and passive-aggressively asked your roommates not to eat all your ramen. But you're feeling yourself right now, and it's about to go down. It's that time of the month, baby.

ICYMI, period sex is nothing to be ashamed about or embarrassed by. Your body is strong and magnificent, and having your period is natural and healthy. While you never need to do anything that you're not totally into, if all parties are ready and willing, having sex on your period can be super sensual. Additionally, period sex can also help to relieve pain caused by menstrual cramps and increase your body's levels of oxytocin and dopamine.

If you're looking for a few ways to stay clean as you get down and dirty, here are nine sexy moves to try the next time you're on your period.

MWT (Missionary With Towel)

I get it — you like to be on top. While you can certainly do whatever feels good at whatever time of the month, if you're trying to minimize the mess, going for a lying down position like missionary can allow your partner to enter or stimulate you without any added stress. Lie down on a towel or blanket and recline back as your partner does their thing. If you're feeling spicy, try lifting your legs up in the air or around your partner's neck.

Toy Shop.

If your boo is a little squeamish or prefers not to get any blood on their body, consider bringing some toys into the bedroom. Have the receiving partner lie on the edge of the bed with their feet on the floor. The penetrating partner can stand over their partner at the foot of the bed and enter them with a vibrator or dildo. Put a towel or blanket under you for good measure, and be sure to clean your sex toys after you're done.

Shower Doggie

Period sex can be the perfect time to get it on in the shower or bath, so all the mess goes right down the drain. If you have a shower, the receiving partner can bend over and touch their toes, while the penetrating partner enters them from behind. If you have a full tub, you and your boo can get a little extra dirty as you get clean. Get on all fours and have your partner enter or stimulate you from behind — scrub-a-dub-dub.

Booty Shake

Whether you're a booty pro or a backdoor baby, your period can be an invitation to ease into butt play consensually. After having a conversation about boundaries, intentions, and safe words, lie on your back, with your hips lifted by a pillow, and roll your pelvis up toward your partner. With your feet on the bed or bent on either side, have your partner apply the lube, then slowly enter or stimulate your booty. If you're not into anal penetration, asking your partner if they'd be comfortable using their hands or mouth on your behind can be fun, too.

Ballin' Doggy

Ball up a towel or throw it over a pillow or the back of a chair. Lie on your stomach (with the balled up cloth beneath you) or lean over the pillow or chair, facing away from your partner. Then have your partner enter or stimulate you from behind. The penetration combined with the friction will rock your menstrual world.


You could also consider masturbating with your boo. Set the mood by lighting a few candles and giving each other erotic massages. When you can't take the heat any longer, lie next to each other as you individually get yourselves off.

Spoon Sex

When you feel a little bloated or your cramps are killer, spoon sex can be a great way to get down to business without too much frontal contact. Place a towel or blanket beneath you, then lie on your side. With your back toward your partner, let them enter or stimulate you from behind. If you're really in it to win it, spoon sex can also give you all the time and space you need to stimulate yourself with your own hands or a toy while your partner is doing their thing.

OWT (Oral With A Tampon)

Your time of the month doesn't dictate when you receive oral pleasure! If you or your partner are worried about the mess, put a tampon in. Then have your boo go down on you, focusing on stimulating your clitoris.

Above The Belt

If you and your boo want to get frisky while on your period, try incorporating nipple play, sexy massage, or otherwise engaging the other erogenous zones, like the neck or inner thighs. Whether you keep everything above the belt or lick each other all over, sex doesn't need to be penetrative to be valid.